Built this when I was 14! I use this for light gaming at 1080p as well as composing music. I will add better pictures soon. Running Windows 7 which my dad had lying around. Might upgrade to 10.

Quick parts run down:

The phantom 410 is pretty expensive but 100% worth it. It looks amazing and was very easy to build in. The fan controller is a good inclusion although occasionally my 140mm intake fan does not start if I have it on the lowest setting. The LED fan looks nice and bright, and all the fans work well and are almost silent at medium and not intrusively loud at high. Cable management was a breeze with a huge space behind the motherboard tray and lots of routing holes. My only other complaint is that the hard drive cages are a little flimsy and hard to install. Otherwise, 5/5.

The FX 6300 works well. I didn't get it to crush benchmarks and it doesn't, but it was a good deal with $40 off the cpu and mobo combo. It is still a huge upgrade from my old a6-3620 though! 5/5.

The SLI Krait edition is striking. It looks great. The price was awesome too, under $90. It may only have a 4+1 power delivery, but it is well heatsinked and, like I said, I'm not trying to break any records. 5/5

The hyper T4 is a great cooler. I got 41 degrees on prime95 blend test. It's also completely silent, and never reached 1000rpm. I would wholeheartedly recommend this cooler... If you have an Intel platform. On AMD, it completely blocks the 1st dimm slot, and blocks the second for anything except non heat spreader dimms. Thankfully I am able to run my ram in channels 3 and 4 but I will probably replace this cooler soon. 4/5

EVGA ssc memory works fine. Currently I can only run it at 1866 but I will try to get it to 2133. It can run in slots 3 and 4 which is great due to the clearance conflicted with my cooler :( 5/5 on the memory.

SSD: I could have gotten a better deal or a larger drive, but it works well and boots quickly. 4.5/5

Hard drive: Awesome deal, would buy it again. 5/5

Graphics card: looks better than I thought, runs games on high at 60 fps. Absolutely silent even during a valley benchmark. 5/5

Power supply was an awesome deal, runs absolutely silent with huge headroom. I could put a 980 ti in this build lol! 5/5

Optical drive was cheap and works. 5/5

Keyboard has surprisingly good build quality for the price, same for the mouse. They look pretty good too! 5/5

Monitor is an approximation.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Cools my FX-6300 extremely well, but it blocks 2 of the 4 ram slots since it can only be oriented in one way due to the AMD mounting system. Get a different cooler if you use AMD, however for Intel sockets it is an amazing cooler for the price


Surprisingly good build quality for the price! Looks great and feels much better than the crappy Gateway keyboard and mouse I was using before. It is a membrane keyboard without backlighting, but I guess you get what you pay for. One of the best budget gaming keyboard/mouse combos out there!

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  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build! Pics? Also are you thinking of overclocking the 6300?

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Probably want to get about 4 ghz or so - nothing extreme.

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

And thanks!

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Added some quick crappy pics, will update with better ones.