This is my first build. I started to get the idea to build a computer summer of 2013, but it didn't actually happen until after Christmas. Everything actually went much smoother than i had expected. After I had received all the parts for the computer, I just put everything in the case, connected everything up (I followed a YouTube video for specific instructions), plugged it into the wall, and turned it on. After fumbling around for a while trying to get windows to install i finally got it and it booted up smoothly.
-There weren't enough screws to connect the motherboard to all the standoffs, so i had to buy extras.
-There was only one fan power-plug thing on the motherboard so i had to buy a fan splitter for the front fans.
-One of the USB front ports wasn't working but it turned out i had just jarred the cable aside.

If you are wondering about the mouse i am using its is the Anker 8000 DPI gaming mouse. It isn't on the list because I already owned it.

Games I've Tested:
-Far Cry 3 --- Max settings (anti-aliasing disabled) 70fps
-Tomb Raider --- Max settings (AA disabled) 70fps
-Borderlands 2 ---Max settings 90fps
-Cod Ghosts --- Max settings (No AA) 50 fps
-Crysis 2 --- Ultra preset 60 fps

I would consider this very successful for a starting build. Comment if you have any questions, reccomendations, or encouragement. :D


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How's that keyboard? Also what mouse is that?