This was a 1080p gaming-only machine and no editing, rendering or modelling was going to be done.

CPU - For light 1080p gaming and nothing else, the high end unlocked processors just aren't necessary. Great CPU

Motherboard - Looks great with blue colour scheme and right angled headers all around. CrossfireX support for the future too.

Powersupply - Silent, efficient, semi-modular and more than enough wattage.

Case - MicroATX version of the Define R3 - completely silent, no effort required for cable work, looks great. Amazing Case

RAM - Tried out Kingston/HyperX's new 'Fury' RAM - works great, no complaints.

GPU - Massive issues - Detected by Windows and all drivers installed, however 20fps in Battlefield 4 @ 1080p 60hz is unacceptable. After fixed performance is amazing for the price: 60-70fps in Battlefield 4 Ultra and 70-80fps in Battlefield 3 Ultra.

CPU Cooler - Cheaper and easier to install than the Hyper 212 Evo. Just as good temperatures for £10 less.

Optical Drive - Only to Install Windows.

SSD - Just to store Windows, drivers and primary applications.

HDD - To install games and store other applications.

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