Built for gaming. Everything went together easily and worked on first boot.

I bought blue LED fans to replace the stock ones, because I thought that extra bit of color would really make the build pop. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I re-used the stock fans. I put the stock front 200mm fan on top with the other 200mm exhaust fan for now until I can install the Kraken x60. (It's on backorder and should arrive at the end of this month.) I also put the stock rear 140mm fan in the bottom of the case for a second cool air intake. I ordered 2 more 140mm blue LED fans for the Kraken x60, so I can install it in push/pull configuration right out of the box.

I got ambitious and took apart all my peripherals (Logitech G510 keyboard, Razer DeathAdder and Razer n52te) and spray painted the housings white to match the case. They are all blue-backlit so everything matches really nicely. It took a few coats (and some light sanding between coats) to get everything looking nice. I used blue painter's tape and a hobby knife to mask off things I didn't want painted. I used 2 cans of Valspar Plastic spray paint, 3M 400grit fine wet/dry sand paper and Blue Hawk painter's tape all from Lowe's. The project cost about $20, but was very time consuming.

I also spray painted my desk top and built a monitor shelf using a pre-cut/painted 24" shelf panel, 4 PVC pipe couplings, some DAP contact cement and some blue painter's tape. The materials for the shelf only cost about $15 (excluding the blue painter's tape, which I already had from painting my peripherals) and I got everything right at Lowe's.


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what is that gaming keypad?

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This definitely needs so many more upvotes. Great build!!! Love how it looks and what you did to the peripherals. +1!