This is my first mini ITX build. One of my first builds in over 5 years. How parts and trends have changed! I fell in love with the mini ITX format a year back, but the format lacked a quality motherboard that had all the feature I wanted and a mfg that I trusted, until Asus came along with the P8Z77-I Deluxe! Price at first was steep! I held off until recently.

It look a bit for me to find a mini ITX case that I liked. The Cool Master Elite 120 was nice and lucky I held out , when the elite 130 was released! The case was what I was looking for, support full ATX PSU , support full length gfx card and the case profile, size I wanted.

Case: The quality was good, wasn't super high quality, but decent. I liked very much. I watched their youtube install video to get a good idea on what order to install stuff, helped alot.

Cool Master Seidon 120V: Install was pretty easy, the power cable from the fan was too short to reach the motherboard fan connector, so had to order an extension as none was included.

Motherboard: the HD Audio/AC'97 connector blocked when installing a video card that takes up too slot. My EVGA Geforce GTX 660 case may need to be mod to accomdate the HD Audio/AC '97 plug.

Video Card: the card blocks the HD Audio/AC'97 connector. Mod Video card casing may be need if i want to get it to plug in the audio cable.

PSU: i would suggest a PSU with a "short" cable option, the OCZ fit, but alot of cable had to be pushed int the side of the case.


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I also had same processor 2400.5years already old. How about the perfomance + ssd?? Anyway your mini itx is best ever i saw with seidon cooler.

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Thank you! Sorry I haven't checked up on my built. The 2400 is chugging along but I think the SSD makes a world of difference! Happy building.

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Nice... I did something like this to a proprietary SFF recently, so I was very limited on power (Im a few watts short on my nvidia 730 card... all I could do was go from 240w to 320w on the PSU, and that took some imagination)... I went with a faux ODD bay for a 250gb SSD, kept the stock HDD, added an external BDRn and went the extra mile for an upgrade from your I% to an i7-2600. Using it as a living room PC/XBMC.

I like your build... 660 is a nice card for the $, and full atx psu is a nice get as well. Nice to see some real tinkering, instead of the common "spend your way to glory". I had a buddy that's been in IT since we got out of college many moons ago tell me my project was impossible, caps would fry, and so on... a few months later, that's still made it all worth it.

Anyway, thinking of taking that box, the i7-2600, and making a more purpose-built HTPC. I'd put the i5 back in the SFF and use it as a workshop/garage PC.

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Thank you!

I am no expert pc builder as there is so many parts available. I live in a small apt, so wanted something small but powerful enough to compete to the "big" builds. I also based my built off the cpu, I had it around.

happy building!