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Upgrading from a prebuild

by The_M26_Pershing


The parts that I have had with a prebuild is the CPU, the storage, and thats about it.

I love the motherboard, RGB and meant for overclocking, but a good reason why I got it is because of the insane speed it makes with the M.2 I have installed. It reaslly is insane for just an M.2 and also comes with pretty lights :)

The corsair vengeance is also some great RAM if you're looking at not too expensive ones for about 16 gig, they work beautifully and also come with lights, which I really do like lights.

This M.2 is amazing. I don't care about storage because I don't have my games sitting on there when they really dont matter in the first place about loading. I installed my OS on this and my computer restarts faster then my keyboard and mouse can boot up :). If you are looking for something to waste 100$ on, I would recommend a M.2, especially the 970 EVO, or PRO.

Storage is okay, they act like storage. The SSD does do its job comming from a pre-build.

This 1080 TI was definitly a step-up from a 1060 6gb. Ever since I had gotten this card, I had no issues with graphics and/nor needing to adjust a lot. This graphics card IS overkill, but its very good for its price.

The Liquid cooling is beautiful, and it preforms alright under load with a coolermaster fan. Note I will be upgrading to the LL120's here pretty soon.

The power supply is a little rattling, but does it job at 50 bux.

The fans are awesome, nice lights with aura sync, does it job cooling, and a very long lasting time for those fans.

I don't have the LL120's, instead I threw them on there and listed the price for the commander pro.

EDIT I finally threw in some LL120's and now everything is in synced with corsair Icue :) I love it

Overall this has actually been my dream-build of a computer. Lights and a really good CPU with a graphics card, It really is top of the line and awesome for what I have put into it, and really will kick-*** in any game pretty much :)

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omar_7982 1 point 7 months ago

Hey, great build! The case specifically looks gorgeous. BTW, I was halfway through my build then came across several cases. I'd appreciate it if you lend a hand. Case 1: FSP CMT520, I wanted to ask how good the airflow is and would i need to buy additional FSP fans to cool down the components well? I might be using a ryzen 2600/2600x/2700x and an rx580. Case 2: CUK Stratos with 7 Halo RGB Fans. Which do you recommend for better airflow and price?

The_M26_Pershing submitter 1 Build 1 point 6 months ago

The FSP case is very good with the airflow, and I am sorry about the late response, and the Stratos looks alright for airflow, the FSP case has little airflow holes infront of it for the fans to suck up

omar_7982 1 point 6 months ago

Out of the three cases, Cooler Master H500 (line-up under 150$) Or the FSP w/ 4 RGB fans case you own or the CUK Startos w/ 7 halo RGB fans which would be the best? My setup: Gigabytes B450 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi Ryzen 2600 Rx580 did not decide on one yet Team force Delta the 4 × (2×8) DDR4 3200 MHZ RAM

The_M26_Pershing submitter 1 Build 1 point 6 months ago

Honestly each case will be fine, but If you really want me to pick a case, Honestly the Cooler Master H500 looks freakin awesome! I love the two big fans on the front and the way it looks is fantastic. The FSP I would also recommend as well, but the FSP case has somewhat room of cable managment, the H500 looks like the same with the FSP for room. I personally picked the FSP because I loved the simple black design and the armor(ish) style on the front, and if you're looking for airflow the H500 would be for you. Although the H500 looks like a bit of less holes to fit through. Also, I would recommend a 1060 6g against a RX580, but if you found one for cheaper then I understand, and if anything try to get 16gig, but thats just me :)

omar_7982 1 point 6 months ago

Thank you so much, literally my whole build was hindered by the case. If i can't get my hands on the cooler master case, I'd probably get the FSP, but can you control the RGB fans via a software on either of these two cases?

The_M26_Pershing submitter 1 Build 1 point 6 months ago

You can with software, you'd just need the right controller and fans for the case