I use this derpy rig for gaming and multimedia primarily. Pretty much the entire rig went together smoothly, granted it was purchased in chunks.

I'm not going to go into too many details, but the Antec Three Hundred and Corsair CX600 and HP 2009m were salvaged from a previous build, the 250GB drive came out of some old computer we had laying around that had a dead motherboard and pins broken off of the CPU, and the 2TB WD Black was actually purchased a few months ago to replace a failed 750GB Seagate Barracuda that came out of my old build along with the case and PSU.

Other than that, the computer was pieced together with purchases over the span of a year with whatever money I could manage to come up with for it, and there's not a whole lot special about it.

The only problem I encountered with the rig was originally when I got the CX600 to go with a GTX 550 Ti, it died at the 28 day mark - however the RMA process with Corsair went flawlessly and I had a new one in under 10 days.

As for why I call it the Derp Box, that's because I find it to be a pretty derpy/mix-matched selection of parts.

All together, I think about $1600-$1700 went into this system, including peripherals.

I only have a couple pictures and currently no functional camera, so an outdated completed rig photo will have to do for now since it still showcases the main parts.


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