I didn’t have any problems except 1 but it was my fault.The problem was that the microphone port on the case wasn’t working because I installed an outdated audio driver but problem fixed apart that everything went well!

parts: ryzen 7 2700x: we went with this part because we wanted gaming and streaming at the same time for a budget price of 200 dollars (CAD) asus prime x470-pro mobo: we chose this because it was a good deal for the performance corsair venegance RGB pro: nice ram and its white with 3200 speed ROM: ssd for win64 and rpm for games and softwares GTX 1660 TI: nice for gaming and streaming but could have better performance on high games with the ryzen NZXT h510i: it has rgb two fans and usb c wut do you want more PSU: it was the only one modular so we got it and got cablemod coupons from the mobo maybe in the future.

we had a great time building it as a first time for tips for the build just don't get cable ties they just come with every thing . as some people don't know the cpu is easy to put as every thing in the build, when building a new pc is better to put every file in the right folder on the RPM, don' change the windows stuff. as for the windows we found a 3 dollar windows pro 64-32 bit on ebay (Note: always look if there is assistance on the product before buying windows) if you wanna copy the build is free and in the future i wanna start building prebuild to sell. "unicorn vomit" build by @imsergio & @lunarchilli.

Part Reviews


maybe improving with fps


the graphics card covers the m.2 heatsink RGB

Video Card

maybe better fps on the ryzen


i got the minus but it wasn't here so yeah but 12.000 DPI thats so good for 50 bucks

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sorry i don't have any photos of the building at the moment but ill put them in the future