This build was a build for a friend, I did not assemble it but I would like to share it with everyone in case anyone else wants to use it as a "skeleton" for their build. The CPU preforms well on games, and is a nice option for anyone at this time (April 2015) It was the right price to performance ratio for this build. The motherboard is a great piece to this build. Great features for the price. Would recommend for anyone at this price range. The memory was definitely the most questionable part of this build, but it worked out great. No problems, although no overclocking. Storage was important in this, for a select few games a ssd was wanted, so at this price the X110 proved a good option. For everything else the 2TB hard drive is plenty of storage. The video card is a nice budget card, it preforms all of today's games with ease. I can't provide more details at the moment but I will try and get some specifics later. As for the case this was another big question mark, Apevia does not have the highest reviews but it does its job, and it looks very nice and offers cable management. It also fits up to a 13 inch video card and offers lots of room for hard drives and ssds. The power supply is a decent product, at the right price. Although it is not modular it works, and with a decent case it should not be a problem stowing away the cables. With Windows 8.1 installed and the Corsair Storm Devastator bundle it is a nice looking and preforming PC. I will try and add some benchmarks later once I get some more info. On a side note a case fan and arctic silver 5 are going to be added. One more note: The GPU does not have a backplate. Not a big deal but many people prefer it.

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  • 59 months ago
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I would have gone with a cheaper Case and maybe bumped up the power supply for future upgrades, but overall nice build. +1