Got the keyboard via Modcrash for a giveaway from my old rig! ty to them. Also couldnt find the same psu so I found the closest I could find. Also I did the Step it up program from Evga from a 670, also added a Valley Benchmark screenshot to show its stats without OC.

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  • 82 months ago
  • 1 point

Awesome build! Great performance for the money, love the 16 GB's of RAM, high-end GPU and storage (SSD and HDD) although I would have gone with a 1TB Seagate(maybe 2 of them)SSHD's instead. Great overall, five/five.

  • 76 months ago
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Dope set-up man. Isn't the 4570k better performance? I see you have sc2... not to mention heart of swarm! How does this rig run on Sc2? Sick bruh.