This build was made for my two little brothers as a Christmas present (Bit excessive if you ask me). Since it's going to be used for Minecraft and homework, I didn't do any over-clocking and because of my short time allowed to build it I couldn't install any benchmarking software. Since I've already covered most of the components in my previous build (#shamelessselfadvertising) I will only cover new parts. Imgur link with a bonus picture.

Motherboard: Does its job, not much else to say.

RAM: This RAM is TINY, it doesn't even raise above the DIMM slot clips. Before you say that 2x4GB 1600MHz would have been better, give me a graph of REAL WORLD performance in games that would have made the difference with the £5 I saved.

SSD: Pretty damn fast, I didn't get to play around with it nearly as much as I wanted to.

The assembly was pretty straightforward, I mounted the SSD to the PSU to save space. Hoping the brothers will like the present, and I also have my uses for it as a LAN computer to play when friends come over >:D.


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+1 Nice case! :)