This is my very first PC build. my original PC had a Ryzen Phenom II so this was a Huge step up, never had a PC that could go above 60FPS on ultra. The phanteks enthoo evolv X case was an absolute dream to build in, i had no problems at all. The Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Wifi is a great motherboard, and if you ever need its solid enough so you can use it as a weapon if you ever need to go hand to hand. It did have a problem in the beginning, the motherboard was flashing a Bios error but Gigabyte walked me through how to fix it myself and it works great now. The Aorus RTX 2080 Xtreme is great, I tried the Aorus software but it kept turning my fans off so i swapped to MSI Afterburner, keeps nice and chilly now. The corsair H115i RGB platinum keeps my CPU nice and cool, i gave my CPU a 4.2Ghz overclock and it hasnt gone above 30 degrees C. The T-Force Delta RGB SSD's are beautiful, and dont produce any heat at all. Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD. Its amazing. I absolutely adore this monitor, its a Beast, its got window in window settings, a crosshair that you can make cool designs on. My cyberpower UPS has already saved my PC three times from power outages. The corsair Scimitar and Corsair K95 RGB platinum. I love the Speed switches of the K95, nice and smooth, no need to hammer down on your keys. Corsair scimitar mouse? the changeable profiles for DPI are super useful, buttons on the side are great for macros for photoshop, and Zbrush or MMO and RTS games and.. its adjustable, you can slide it forward and back to fit your hand.

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