Good god its was difficult (4 hours difficult) stuffing a non-modular ATX power supply with stiff plastic cables into this small case but it's sure as hell something I just did. Building this pc was absolutely not pretty as seen above.

Thankfully everything works now and it even boots to Opencore Catalina. The stock cooler is a bit loud under load but otherwise everything is fine.

The gpu and psu are holdovers from my previous build, I'll upload a copy of my Opencore EFI folder when I get a chance.

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It's quite nice, I am typing this review on it right now. It has a small usb port on the back but unexpectedly it's just a 1:1 passthrough to a usb cable tied to the keyboard usb cable on this board. Still the best $60 I've spent on a keyboard.

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  • 3 months ago
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Hi, as I am planning to build with mostly the same config as yours, would you clarify some points: - the EVA PSU power plug direction seems incompliant with QBX requirements, how did you do to fit it in? - the stock cooler is Wraith Prism, right? What's the distance between the top of the cooler and the side wall? - is 500W enough for the system? what's the highest load that you have run?

Thanks a lot.

  • 3 months ago
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Sorry for the late response. Absolutely do not put a non modular power supply into this case, the only result will be suffering. For the love of god please spend the extra $15 on a semi modular powersupply. It took me 4 hours to stuff it in there and I am afraid of reopening it and stuffing the thick braided cables back in.

Other than that it all is perfectly functional, the cooler fits with all 3 hard drives all wired to the motherboard.

Other than that remember to clamp the wraith prizm back the other way around or you will get disgusting temps (90c idle).