Normally I don't build computers with any asthetic theme, but the Z390 was such a nice white and matched the RAM so well I couldn't ignore it. Paired with the eventuality of me getting the White Chromax covers for my massive heat sink, this thing is beautiful. I wanted to also use it as a tribute to my Super White Tacoma dubbed SubZero, as the build path I'm taking with it will involve lots of blue accents.

Performance wise I'm currently held back by the 1060, but the plan is for an eventual RTX card of some kind, depending on the market and what's released soon. That aside, it's without a doubt a huge step up in power and speed over the i7-4700k of old I was running with my old setup. This should keep my gaming capabilities relevant for a long while. If Western Digital can figure themselves out and RMA my 4tb HDD and not send me another lemon (4th times the charm?) then that will go in to this as well.

Mainly built for gaming, but great for solid modeling and running my slicer for 3D printing. All in all, it was a great build for the price and I'm happy with it.

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  • 1 month ago
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Did you have any issues with front panel audio? and how did you get around these issues.

  • 23 days ago
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I haven't tried it. I use the USB port on the front panel for my HyperX Cloud Revolver and it works fine. I also charge my phone via usb there. Never used the mic/audio out ports since my peripherals don't use them.

Double check you have your cables on the proper pins.