This is really going to be used as a web development rig, so I wanted plenty of cores to make full use of Virtual Machine based testing. I also wanted something powerful enough for a bit of gaming. Admittedly, this rig is way overpowered for web development (I've been using the single-core P4 3Ghz in the background for years) but I plan to run this setup for a long time to come.

Building was easy, took a Saturday afternoon to do (and 3 days of salivating over the boxes as they were delivered in separate batches). I managed to get most of the wires tidied away nicely without too many cable ties or headaches.

I was originally going to go for a Corsair 200D case, but read a few reviews saying that the BitFenix Merc had better airflow and was cheaper. I was going to be stuffing this under my desk so looks weren't as important as keeping the FX-8350 cool. I've opted for the Merc Alpha so that I can add top fans if it needs it later. A better CPU heatsink might be a good idea at some point too. That said, it's staying at perfectly reasonable temperatures.

No complaints about any parts so far - but haven't really given it a proper testing yet.


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Looks good, and I feel sorry you needed to use a single core processor, poor core did all the work XD

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Nice tidy build.