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by EvilTchnlgy



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GPU Core Clock Rate


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I wanted a machine with a workstation board (I specifically wanted to be able to use vpro and have vt-d virtualization direct hardware access) which is why I went with such an expensive C226 board. Ordered everything off newegg and I got it next day (live near their facility in Los Angeles). Originally spent $499 on the video card but when the price dropped 2 days later I got newegg to credit me the difference. Extremely happy with this build so far, originally installed windows server 2012 but the graphics card drivers were not playing well and I realized I was just better off using windows 8. Runs as a sickbeard/sabnzdb/couchpotato/plex server. Got hyper-v setup on it and I'm configuring windows server 2012 in a vm. I have the operating installed on the ssd. The mechanical hard drives are setup in a storage pool for redundancy, when they get close to filling I'll add another 2 to double the storage pool to 6 tb. I was very very impressed with the quality of the 650d case, very solid and I've never had an easier time doing cable routing. Airflow is great from both all the fans and the cable management keeping cables behind the motherboard. I was surprised to see the sata hot swap dock on the top of the case and the fan controller as those were both nice surprises. Edit: I ordered an acer K272HUL 1440p 27" monitor (wanted a 4k display but the cheaper ones are 30 hz) and 2 more 3 tb seagate barracuda drives as my current storage pool is filling up. I got such a large power supply and the 280x (despite them being overpriced right now) because I was looking at long term upgradability. When the time comes, I'll drop another 280x in there and crossfire.

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xx116xx 3 Builds 3 points 43 months ago

ALL OF THE POWER! Awesome rig.

thunderdan602 1 Build 2 points 43 months ago

Very nice work station build.

actechy 7 Builds 2 points 43 months ago

Excellent workstation parts and clean execution +1

EcoMCG 1 Build 2 points 43 months ago

The reason why I want that case to be cheaper is because of cable management. Nice pick friend!


peterb 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

Why'd you choose that cpu cooler? I don't know about anyone else but I think it doesn't look "pretty." Good monster build though!!

istealunderwear 9 Builds 4 points 43 months ago

It's not surpose to look pretty. It's quiet and fuctionable.

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 2 points 43 months ago

Yea that is one aspect of this build I am really happy with. Very Very quiet

Eschaton 6 Builds 1 point 43 months ago

I think it looks kinda awesome, honestly. But yeah, function over form any day of the week.

zac16 1 point 43 months ago

i would have gone with a noctua instead, still very quiet and looks a little better. but hey it works so thats all that really matters in the end.

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

Honestly I didn't get it for looks. I originally had a windowless case and just happened to change it to a windowed one last minute. I had read about cpu throttling when maxing out the 1240 on the stock cooler and wanted to avoid that.

Electrospeed 1 point 43 months ago

Why not buy a 770 and SLI that later ;-;

The price of the 280x is TOO DAMN HIGH

istealunderwear 9 Builds 2 points 43 months ago

280x actually outpreforms the 770 and he got it at a good price. Like i also got a 280x for 350 USD.

Edit, I think he was doing some OPENCL aswell. So yeah AMD is a MUCH... MUUUUUUUCH better choice.

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

They also don't make any C226 motherboards that support SLI so that made it an easy choice. I'm impressed with the graphics performance so far and won't be buying a 2nd card until I get a 4k display most likely.

Electrospeed 1 point 43 months ago

Ah, I had not known that about C226 mobos. That makes sense, I guess, although the 280x is sooooooo expensive ;-;

TheMightyClem 2 Builds 1 point 21 months ago

I got mine for 245 NIB. Best card I've ever used.

Jwood013 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

That GPU should set the standard for long GPU's, it's humongous and it barely has any droop!

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

Yea, it was a tight fit. I had an "oh no" moment for a second. It's snug against my memory slots, thankfully they only clip on the side opposite the video card.

Jwood013 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

I guess that motherboard was made with large video cards in mind? I like those DIMM slot designs, such a small change but a huge difference.

istealunderwear 9 Builds 1 point 43 months ago

Sorry i know how you like the 650D, but... damn... One thing i hate about it is ALL THOSE front panel connectors. and extanal USB3 for some reason, why is it not internal. too many useless connectors like firewire. and the worst thing is they're not pre routed, and i think that's pretty bad for a 150-200cases them not even being behind the motherboard tray. Don't get me wrong it's an awesome case. they just brainfarted some of the places. cabling is easy to make it look good. but there should diffenly be more routing points behind the tray. I've tried this case 10 times already.

4 things I've noticed besides the first two things:

Resonance in the side panels.

5/10 times the case fan controller was not working.

lack of dust flitration

The front fan cover tend to be easily losens, even when not touching it.

The quality is good and all but It's not worth 180$ imho, If it were a 120$ case sure. I don't know if i am nitpicking or being dumb. but it's simply not good enough. 3/5 corsair.

Oh and then windows scratches SOOOO easily. so be careful.

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

I'll try to be mindful of the window. I was a little peeved that the usb 3 port in the front has to be routed to the back. It's a shame to use up my rear usb 3.0 ports and leave my motherboard's usb header empty.. Also, pre-routing would have been nice, I tried to zip tie but it's still kinda messy behind my motherboard.

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

Updated the build. After rebuilding my media library I'm filling up my storage pool; I've ordered 2x 3 TB hard drives to increase my redundant storage another 3 TB. I also ordered a 27" 1440p display so I can move this computer from my living room 60" LCD to my desk

AustinTheTimelord 1 point 43 months ago

Where's the listed monitor?

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

Do you mean pictures? I have't posted any pictures of it but I can if you're interested! EDIT: just added pics

SuperVenom101 1 point 43 months ago

How is the monitor? I'm looking at getting one and was wondering what others thought of it.

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 2 points 43 months ago

Honestly it is awesome. There is nothing else at 27" 1440p from a name brand in the price range, let alone something with features like display port in/out and hdmi. The speakers are really tinny but the screen looks great. Stand looks a little cheap but does the job just fine EDIT: just added pics

SuperVenom101 1 point 43 months ago

I have a headset I use so the tinny speakers aren't an issue :)

I might get a wall mount for it, kinda need it, because I have no desk space lol

Thanks for the pics!

Gabrielp525 1 point 35 months ago

How does the acer K272HULbmiidp 27.0" preform?

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

I like it a lot. Haven't had a single issue with it. Nice and crisp with even backlighting

ircBaako 1 point 31 months ago

Good build but that just goes to waste if you have a 60HZ monitor. So why did you get that graphic card? if you are gonna get a poor quality monitor? Please drop to 24" and get a 144HZ

incidentflux 1 point 11 months ago

That Zalman CNPS9700 is underrated. One of the few pure copper coolers. I have both 9500 and 9700. Still going strong.

Mattios 0 points 43 months ago

Nice build, well done. Forgive me for being a n00b, but what is that in the third picture?

EvilTchnlgy submitter 1 Build 1 point 43 months ago

That is a g.p. card. It came with and plugs into the motherboard. There are led's on it so it can give you error codes and you can look them up to help diagnose issues

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