This was my first time building a PC, so I scoured the internet for about a week making sure I had all my bases covered. I went with a blue color scheme because that's my favorite color, and it looks good on my desk.

CPU: I went with an older i5-4460, mainly because I'm not planning to do much that's CPU intensive on this machine besides light music creation/sound editing. I also stuck with the stock cooler because I'm not planning on overclocking.

Memory: I chose 16 gigs of DDR3 (2 x 8GB) because I wanted to future-proof my machine a little, and also have enough for video editing sometimes. I wasn't able to go with DDR4 because my motherboard couldn't support it.

Motherboard: For this, I went with the ASRock H97M Pro4, (A micro-ATX MOBO) because I wanted to leave plenty of clearance for my video card. So far, I haven't regretted buying a board that's too small for my case, but I'll have to replace it to be able to run two cards in SLI later on.

Storage: I bought two 240 gigabyte SSD's by PNY because I wanted much faster loading times and write times. I was plannng on using them in RAID 0, but I haven't figured that out yet. ATM I'm using one as storage for my Games, and the other as my Windows Install and my Music/Video libraries. I have them both backed up on an external drive I've had for a while. They have performed like a charm, so I'm definitely sticking with SSD's for the future.

Graphics Card: For my video card I chose the Gigabyte GTX 960 with an overclock, then overclocked it more by about another 125 MHz. It can run pretty much anything on Ultra at 1080p (Which is fine because I don't want anymore), but it is not entirely VR-capable. However, later, I'm going to upgrade to a Gigabyte GTX 980 ti because I'd like the extra power for VR and for future games. Earlier I was having a problem with the fans revving up to %100 every 30 seconds or so, but that went away thirty minutes ago. Hopefully it stays that way.

Power Supply: A EVGA 650-watt Fully modular power supply has been perfect for me, and will serve me well in the future.

Case: The DEEPCOOL TESSERACT SW was enough for me and gave me a lot for $40, including space behing the MOBO for cable management, more space than I need for air cooling, water cooling capabilities later on, and two blue LED fans that came pre-installed. I'll probably buy another one from them when I upgrade my GPU.

The rest of the peripherals I have include a Gel backlit gaming keyboard I plan on upgrading later, a Zelotes mouse, and a SADES 710 headset, all of which are very good and very cheap. Overall, after using this build for a couple of weeks, I am very satisfied with it. Hopefully, it will serve me well for a good couple of years.


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You could have used the cable holes. Which always looks better with a window build. I totally dig blue.

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I recently rerouted those cables to go behind the motherboard. Looks much better now. Thanks!

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nice. Thumbs up.