Building for a gaming / video editing combo. Will be upgrading the memory to a faster 32GB kit, but this is what I could get my hands on short notice.

The NZXT h510 was really easy to work with as a first time builder. Pre-installed ATX standoffs, simple cable management, and plenty of airflow were all big pluses.

I will be upgrading the memory to a 4x8GB set probably at 3200mhz or better, but I haven't felt limited by any of my hardware at this point.

Played Modern Warfare for the first time on PC (being an avid Xbox user) and the difference was staggering, even on the limited monitor I have on hand at this point.

The monitor is another area I hope to upgrade soon. I'd like to get a 1440p w/ 144hz to really take advantage of the 2080 super that I have in there.

UPDATE: I've upgraded to a Corsair AIO, upgraded the memory to 32GB (2x16GB) at 3200mhz, and added a 1TB SSD for additional storage.

Also added a Corsair Commander Pro to give me the USB ports necessary for all the fans, LEDs and AIO.

I will update the pictures when installation is complete.

Part Reviews


Easy to work with. Had everything I needed in terms of fan headers and USB headers. Probably overkill for what I'm working with but good base to expand from.


My only drive at time of build. Lightning quick boot up and holds the only game I currently have installed. I will be adding a 2TB SSD, but for the moment, this is excellent.


Solid construction, simple cable management, and plenty of airflow. Perfect for my first build!

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i made one that is a lot more monies!