Updated 3/3/17

So I had a ton of fun pushing the i3 as far as it would go, but unfortunatelty I did not hit the silicone jackpot with it. Max I went was 4.7 GHZ w/ 1.4 volts, definitely a number I didn't care about. So I ended up just saying screw it and went with the Kabylake i7 7700K, and right out of the box hit that 5ghz OC that everyone wants...I have to say it was too easy and I definitelty do not have that sense of accomplishment so...I moved this set up into my home office desktop and will be using this PC with the i7 to get 60 fps on excel

Original Build

So while my FX-8350 Build was happening I listed my GTX 970 for sale. I ended up working a trade that ended up with me getting an i3-6100 and a cheapy h110 board and some cash for the gtx 970. I still need a CPU to help convert my DVD's and Bluerays into MKV's So i figure ok lets go with an i7, in the mean time I will use the i3-6100 as a stop gap while i wait for RYZEN to come out (which is today at the time of writing this).

I bought the Z170 board specifically because it can be flashed with an old BIOS that allows Overclocking non k CPUs. Well it worked on the first time and I am ecstatic with the results!

After 4 hours of using Prime 95 to test for instability and CPU temps I am happy with the modest overclock.

4.5GHZ@1.30 volts with a CPU temp of 54c on max loads.

Alot of that is attributed to the Dark rock 3 cpu cooler I had on my old i5 build, and also can be attributed to the low TDP of the chip!.

I also purchased a gtx1060 since I use a 1440p ultrawide for my desk, and I occasionally do widescreen game. Overkill maybe but I am happy and thats what matters.

Prices with $0.00 are parts that I had on hand.

Hope you enjoy and leave some comments. I still need to work on and finish up my 4k gaming build so look for that in a week or so.

Part Reviews


Got mine to 5ghz no sweat! It does run a little hot, so I am contemplating de-lidding the processor but I am afraid of messing up a $300.00 chip. I will probably buy a g4400 to practice

CPU Cooler

I love how good it looks and how quiet it runs! It is also massive so check those ram clearances


I bought it for its ability to unlock SKY-OC functions on Non K CPUS. Very nice bios gui and is a neutral color scheme!

Video Card

Plays most of my games at 60fps at high and ultra settings on my 1440p Ultrawide monitor


What can I say about ole faithful. I love this case as much today as I did way back when I started building PC's


  • 33 months ago
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Awesome build !! Great job +1

  • 33 months ago
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Please please please tell me how to OC the 6100. I have one and my 6600k friend keeps bugging me about his 4.2 ghz

  • 33 months ago
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o nvm im not flashin any bios or junk

  • 33 months ago
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lol, its super easy with today's modern BIOS in case you changed your mind here you go:

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It's impossible, they aren't overclockable. The only ones that are overclockable hippos the i5 6600k and 7600k, and the i7 6700k and 7700k, and with those you also have to get a Z170 or Z270 motherboard

  • 33 months ago
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You can overclock non K processors with the right motherboards.

  • 32 months ago
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Its only possible on z170 motherboards as of now, and only certain ones that have a specific bios. If interested Asrock is mainly the only one that has the official SKY-OC bios online on their servers. mind you its a BLCK overclock so it will screw with your ram speed, and disable cpu temp reporting and i think the IGPU

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So you had no issue with the board? I've read that it can often die after a few weeks.