So I am now on my 3rd graphics card on this Couch Gaming Build!

I ended up getting a hell of a deal on a EVGA GTX 960 SC from Microcenter, in the process I picked up a new PSU, which is listed below. I wish it was modular but i managed to make it work. Prior to this with my gtx 75 ti I was playing GTA V on High at 60fps, now I can play GTA V on very High, at around 60 fps with occasional dips into the low 50's. I am excited and would definitely start keeping your eyes open on these cards!

A few years ago I bought a Gateway PC, and had been upgrading it over the years (add more ram, add a graphics card, etc). I was really excited about the next gen systems, but once I saw how few games were available and how they didn't look as good as PC games I decided to take the jump and switch over to PC gaming full time. I ended up doing some research and decided to do an mITX build, and recycle as much parts from my regular PC. (I ended up building a kaveri based PC to replace it). This is that result:

Cpu: Harvested the CPU from my old Gateway- Its still a relevant CPU and doesn't bottleneck my GFX card.

Cpu Cooler: Had to buy a stock style one to fit in my case as the original had this weird funnel.

Motherboard: Cheap Mitx, not planning on overclocking so it works

RAM: Harvested from my Gateway PC does the trick, I know it doesnt have fancy heat spreaders. This computer really only games about 4-8 hours a week and streams movies around 10 hrs.

Storage: SSD was harvested from the gateway, loaded windows 8.1 onto it and I can't complain about the boot up times. Im usually loaded into xbmc by the time my TV powers on. I know the pictures show a Crucial ssd, in the end I ended up selling that ssd for the kingston v300. Even with the v300's notorious controller swap it was still a great deal faster than the crucial. So I wasn't too bothered with it. the 500 GB drive is a laptop drive I had laying around It is a nice drive and spins up pretty fast. In the future I'd like to replace it with an ssd as soon as the 400+GB go on sale again.

Video Card: I originally used the gtx 650 ti I had in my Gateway, but then I decided to spring for a 750ti and sell my 650 to make up the difference. In the end the upgrade cost me about $30. Notbad.jpg Update: Ended up getting a deal on a gtx 960 so I upgraded yet again!

Case: I really liked this one in person, compared to what was available at my microcenter. (prodigy was too big)

PSU: Excellent reviews on Micro Center's website. I am not concerned at all about this taking out my stuff.

Overall I am happy with this build, later on I might get it wrapped in satin white pearl, and do some custom sleeving of the cables, but I'm not in a rush.

Part Reviews


Even though its an older Sandy Bridge i5, it can still hold its own. I mainly use this to power my htpc/ gaming PC and so far I don't notice any extreme bottle necks.

CPU Cooler

Nice and quiet, keeps my locked CPU cool. I wouldn't recommend this cooler for an unlocked or overclocked processor


El cheapo MB. I wish it had USB 3.0 but then again this is an 1155 board so it's going to be limited at this price point


Gets the job done. A little pokey but I don't notice it since I mainly Game and watch movies on this computer


Memory Controller Swap aside. This is a good SSD. I think everybody needs to join the SSD Master Race the difference is night and day. To the point that I end up putting ssd's in low power builds and older builds to make the computer feel snappier.


Had it lying around. It was from my wife's laptop when I upgraded her to an ssd. It's a hard drive!

Video Card

According to Nvidia this is the 1080p sweet spot card. Prior to games like GTA V I would have agreed. I think its a great card to play any 1080p game at 60 fps but the 2gb VRAM is holding it back. They make 4 GB versions and those seem to be a better buy upon first glance, but if you look over to the AMD side of things those cards for the same price out perform it. If you have to go Nvidia this is a good card. I went with it because I got a great deal on it.


My favorite ITX Cube case EVAR! I have built 4 computers using this case and each time I love it. It doesn't hold the bigger cards, but with the growing popularity of ITX cases, card manufacturers are shrinking down the big cards and they fit in this case. Word of advice...Modular PSUs make this case a dream to build in...other wise be prepared for a ziptied hunk of cords.

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  • 61 months ago
  • 2 points

Man, that really is a hell of a deal on the 960. Seems like (and this is off the top of my head, without actual evidence to back up this claim) that prices are dropping on GPUs rapidly right now. Did you have a hook up at Microcenter or was there a combo deal or are you just a real sweet smooth talker?

+1 for a ton of computer on $350!

  • 61 months ago
  • 2 points

I browse microcenters web site daily and I think I caught them on a pricing error

  • 61 months ago
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Looks great!, how do you think this build would perform with an i3 4***? I am thinking of building something very similar in a month or two...

  • 61 months ago
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I think it will perform pretty good. Hyper threading really helps out on games, with this card I don't think you'll have to worry about bottle necking it.

  • 61 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, I am either planning on going with a 750 to our the one you have, but I'm trying to stay in the cheap side the this build :/.

How is your build performing while gaming?

  • 51 months ago
  • 1 point

hey man wats yours smps ?