4/2/16 update: I sold the Mobo and RAM kit back in February. Got a different case back in March, so I now have an N200 case with sound dampening on the list. Still currently have the APU, air cooler and PSU from this list.

I call this one, "Random". You'll see, in more details, why I call it so.

Surprisingly, this PC works. Although there isn't a listed case, I have a "throw it in a box" style case. Pictures will be posted, soon.

I listed the parts here as "extra". However, I decided to put it together to see if the mobo will work with the parts. It was mainly see if the mobo will work. They all work.

On 1/6/16, I finished Craigslist 2.0 and got bored. Had the greatest idea to put this together to test out the mobo. On 1/7/16, I cloned my drive - the PNY listed - to a Samsung 850 Evo to put into Craigslist 2.0. On 1/8/16, I conducted an experiment with the original drive - the PNY - and put it in this "build". My theory were debunked. However, once I connect to the Internet, it will make the copy of Windows 10 Pro on that SSD "not genuine". 1/15/16, I exchanged the original parts from this list to the current list now. I know it works, but I will not try it with a drive. Also, with that exchange, the cooler and the RAM heatspreader are having issues with each other. The heatspreader on the RAM is TOO TALL on a dual slot RAM board. So.. there's only 1 stick of the kit in there while the other one is in the box.

Moving on to the "box"/case. I am using an old PC tower of mine. It's an HP Slimline model that has been gutted out of everything. The only thing that stayed from the guts is a little wire that was used to press the eject button of a DVD/CD drive.

The mobo isn't held down by screws. But since there wasn't any standoffs, I placed 2 pieces of cardboard in the case before placing the mobo into place. The original IO shield was - surprisingly - able to pop out. Needless to say, mobo fits well into the IO shield with cardboard below it.

Since the HP Slimline was a "slimline", there was no way to be an actual closed PC case. Hence, the "throw it in a box" concept. No cable management, no lid, no mounting of any of the components.

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  • 30 months ago
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Was the Slimline a 400-334?

  • 30 months ago
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Say what??

  • 30 months ago
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Was the old computer an HP Pavilion Slimline 400-334?