Hi Everyone,

This is my first build. This machine is for both gaming and programming. My experience building it was fun. Installing the fans on pull configuration was a PITA. I'll be sure to use Push next time.

I had some trouble installing Windows 7 on a NVMe SSD. I knew I would need the drivers and that i shouldn't use usb 3.0 ports, but what I didn't count on was that the system wouldn't load usb 2.0 drivers either, even if the keyboard and mouse were working. I had to modify the installation usb to load usb drivers and then it was a piece of cake.

This is why I chose the parts I used:


The 6700k might be overkill for gaming, but I can really use it in programming so I didn't use the 6600k which was my second option.

CPU Cooler:

Just wanted a cool AIO water cooler for the CPU since I didn't want to clean my computer that often and the low noise is nice.


I just chose 16 GB of RAM since that is enough for me. 2666 MHz - CAS 15 seemed to give the best response time for the money. And I just have good experience with Kingston RAM so I went for it.


I don't use that much storage so 512 GB is enough for me. I wanted an NVMe drive and the M.2 slot ones seemed the cheaper. That's why I just went for one drive instead of one SSD and one HDD.

Video Card: inb4 "OMG 1080 is better! this is crap" I am just gaming in 1080p 144Hz so 980 Ti is enough and was a lot cheaper than the 1080. I actually could have waited some more and saved even 80 more bucks, but I couldn't wait anymore.

Case: Was a fairly small mid tower with good airflow and supported all my components. has good cable management I guess.

PSU: I dropped the ball here. I was thinking of future proofing myself in case I wanted to go for SLI but thinking back, I don't really want to try SLI and the new Pascal architecture is more power efficient so I could have probably just bought a 650W PSU and save a few bucks. Too late I guess.

MoBo: I just got the cheapest MoBo that supported all my components with z170 chipset.

Monitors: I wanted a dual monitor setup for programming. It is really useful. Also, since I wanted to game in 144Hz, I had to buy one gaming monitor, the VG248QE was the cheapest 1080p 144 Hz gaming monitor. The other monitor I went for IPS monitor for better colors. since it was cheaper I could afford a 27" instead of 24" like the gaming one.

Keyboard: I wanted a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches and led backlight. the STRAFE was the cheapest while having good quality.

Mouse: This was actually a gift so I didn't chose it. It is very nice in any case and has been useful in gaming.

Thanks for reading!


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OMG nice choice! and good build :D Brava Giovanna, brava xD

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Thanks! Glad you liked it =)

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How are those light strip working for you? Was it easy to install? Are those the kind that have the self-adhesive, can-be-cut into sections of 3 leds, and have a wireless remote? There are so many brands on amazon and the HUE is a little too expensive imo, so I wanted your opinion. Would buy again or get something different?

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Hi, i haven't installed the led stripe, but I did try them solo. The leds are nice and have good bright light. It has to connect to the wall outlet so it is independent of your pc. My case has some holes for water cooling that I'm not using so i plan to pass the cable through there. I tested the wireless controller and it worked. The only thing is that the extension cable it includes is a joke. Too short and won't even stay connected, so i ditched it. The quality of the controller is nothing to be impressed by but it works. I did have to like fiddle with the battery in the controller to get it working though. It has some color presets and you can create your custom colors by changing the rgb values. You can adjust brightness as well.

The only thing I have not tested is exactly the adhesive. I heard is not great but same was said for the hue from corsair. A comment suggested to just buy double sided tape.

For the price I guess it is fine and would buy again. But if you have the money, you might want to get a better quality product.

I agree the HUE is too expensive. And the other HUE needed a drive slot which I didn't like. If I had the time I guess I could get a molex adapter and make the controller use the psu so it turns off and on with the pc.

I don't know a lot of other options unfortunately.

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Try eBay for something from China for cheap. There are ones powered by molex. example:

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Lol. That item is pretty much the same as mine except for the molex adapter. And a lot cheaper. Nice find.