In February I built my first computer Baby Ryzen on a pretty low budget. Its been modified and passed down to my I wanted something a little better with more room and options for upgrades sooo this is Daddy Ryzen. All the parts where purchased used, on sale or with rebates and some generosity from a friend. Turned out great and im very happy with it.

Originally had a red led fan in front, moved to back and added 2 PWM DarkFlash ZR12 blue led fans. Very interesting fans with dual blade design. Tried out of curiosity but the move allot of air at low speeds but can be noisy when ramped up. I have them running at about 25 percent at idle and ramp up when the cpu gets hotter under load. They never run at full rpm and for my case turned out very well. You see one in the photo before I added the second.

Part Reviews


Awesome cpu…. was very happy with my 1500x but a friend threw this into a bundle with a the tomahawk and …….im blown away. No need to overclock yet and it handles everything I throw at it!


Got this used from friend after he upgraded. I didn't do much research with my original b450 and just purchased the cheapest I could. After watching reviews and researching VRM temps I was sold on this board. Hardware Unboxed did a great review of this board with the 3950x and I knew this was what I wanted for possible future upgradability. Will it last? not sure but Im loving it so far.


Cheap, so far reliable.


Picked up really cheap on amazon after credits and gift cards. 10 buck price difference over 1tb. Working great so far....time will tell on reliability.

Video Card

Not the same card I purchased. Mine is a MSI Rx 580 GT 8gb. Dual fan, no zero fan mode. Simple black shroud with no side markings or RGB. No backplate. Not listed yet and picked up for 165 with 20 dollar rebate.

Runs loud over 40 percent after fans ramp up but after adjusting the fan curve I have it running under 70 and 40 percent fans on full load at 1360mhz. For me this is a great card in this case, other may have complaints about noise and temps. Backplate and side marker would be nice but this was the cheapest RX 580 I could find new when I purchased it.


I researched the crap out of cases I wanted something bigger and cheaper with good airflow. Case is bigger than I expected and very easy to build in. I have two front and two exhaust fans. Rear are running full speed and front at around 20 - 25 percent on both, very quiet when in use...front are set to build speed with cpu temp. Plenty of room for cable management, hidden hard drive cage, psu shroud, filters on front top and bottom. Pop out drive bay covers and see through side panel. Great case for around 40 bucks. Happy I took a chance on this. Other option was Fractal Design Focus....also very nice looking case just around 20 bucks more.

Power Supply

Picked up cheap with rebate a few years ago. Reliable and quiet, no issues so far.

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