Well after a year or two of playing games on my laptop the Intel HD graphics were no longer cutting it so I decided to build a computer instead of getting one retail. After a TON of research I decided to go with a Intel build.

The CPU I scored on Ebay on a bid that ended around 3am so I stayed up to see if I could snag it at the last second. Happy I did and sorry to the guy I sniped it from whoever you are.

CPU cooler was the same story. Though the installation of the cooler was very frustrating didn't want to snap tight at all I finally had to get it in as much as it could. Its snug but will pop out the holes if too much lateral force is put on it. Its cools great but kinda erks me that it didn't sit flawlessly as I had envisioned.

The Motherboard I bought on during sales. I decided on the H87 due to the fact that I wouldn't nor am able to OC my CPU.

The case I bought at Fry's. Pcpartpicker only lists this case in the black and white model but I have the black and red one.

The HHD and Power Supply I got at also during sales. I would HIGHLY recommend getting a modular PSU helped so much with cable management.

The RAM I got off of I really didn't get an amazing price just decent, runs great though.

The Videocard I bought at MicroCenter. It was an openbox so was only $65.96 but it also came with a $20 rebate. Great value and great little video card, runs everything I have thrown at it with at least medium to high and most older stuff with everything maxed out.

Monitor and keyboard and mouse were leftovers from an old Dell. The PC sits next to my router so I just hardwired it in for internet.

Lastly my copy of Windows I bought off of reddit for $24. Just payed for the Key and found a link to download the copy of Windows. Put it on a USB drive and installed from there.

So with a little patience and some luck I ended up with this rig. Runs great I must say :)


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Nice build! I'm looking into this mobo and wondering if any of the ram slots/pci slots are blocked off because of the cooler?

  • 59 months ago
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No not at all, just takes a little bit if patience but they will fit so long as their heat spreader isn't too tall. I don't think they sell this specific board anymore but they sell the upgraded H97 version, has the very same layout and comes with Haswell refresh support out of the box.

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Ideal, thank you!