Did an overhaul of my previous build, Wraith. And created this beast. Most parts are carried over from the previous, and I plan on fixing that in due time.

  • I am going to go to a 2560x1440 144hz monitor when I can afford one.

  • The main plan is to go to Broadwell-E when that is released and I can get my hands on the setup.

The main reason for this overhaul was because my H100i finally crapped out and my CPU was overheating, causing it to shut down. So I snagged the Swiftech H320 X2 and figured I might as well go through with adding the second GPU and getting a motherboard to support it.

More pictures to come soon, I'm just busy with work for the weekend and this took my entire Friday off because of some stupid boot issues caused by an overtightened CPU socket (oops, hulk strength got the better of me), took the entire thing apart and built it over again. Works like a charm. Give me some time to run some benchmarks and I will post the results with the pictures.


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