Designed for the highly effective go-getter juggling various objectives with no time to waste, this skinny sidekick snaps into action with triple-NVMe agility, dealing the data of your serious business to a command grid of up to ten (10!) displays. Its plentiful 32 GB of memory & potent 9th-Gen hex-core CPU wrangle all the windows & tabs you need to get things done.

Webmasters, day traders, stream fans, surveillance pros or anyone intent on multitasking can grow their potential from right here. Keep busy, connected, informed & entertained all at the same time with this uniquely purposeful PC at the nerve center of your workspace. Explore the advantages of a desktop ranging across several screens & you may never confine yourself to one patch of pixels again!

Special features

  • Teaming the bandwidth of three super-fast M.2 SSDs, RAID mode opens your read/write floodgates to unmatched degrees of performance. You won’t have time to look away when you boot, load, save, install or copy on this extreme C: drive. Four extra terabytes for backup & storage are ready to spin on demand.

  • Video output for maximum productivity: In addition to on-board DisplayPort & HDMI output, twin video cards provide DVI connections for up to eight more full screens. Technically capable of 3D gaming, these cards are best suited to draw lots of useful windows & not so many watts of electricity.

  • Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & dual Ethernet ports make your motherboard an eager networker. With expansion headers in full effect you have fifteen (15!) USB connections for all your devices.

  • Future adaptability: Not just a sum of parts, this system is ready for more than today’s configuration. You will be able to specialize in new ways without needing a whole new PC to keep up. The narrow SFF case will accommodate a double-wide PCIe card for gaming or other performance emphasis. Upgrading & overclocking potential runs far & wide. Evolution is the most valuable power in any PC & you’ll have options for years with the Dekaplex Slim ATX RAIDer!

Another Core G3 & i5, but for gaming: Tall, Dark & Get Some

Part Reviews


I was excited to try a 3-way M.2 RAID on this board & for that purpose it's swell. Everything comes with an opportunity cost, however, so pay attention to the notes about M.2, SATA & PCIe devices and how the Taichi divides availability between them.


How many times can you boot to Windows while holding your breath? If you need faster storage than this, be prepared to pay obscenely.


I've been buying WD Blue HDDs since before I built my 1st custom PC. They have always been fine & dandy for one purpose or another. Get one with confidence, if not much excitement.


This is a rather oddball case, flipping the motherboard upside-down with the window on the opposite side from what we're used to. It's no bigger than it needs to be for a moderately powerful ATX system, provided you won't be using any more than 2 rear expansion slots. Cable management is pretty limited in this form factor. Maybe not ideal for a 1st-time builder but pretty cool if you like to be arbitrarily different.

Update: Could not resist doing a 2nd build in this misfit, bought another one. It's only fair to add the 4th star for that, but I'm mostly compelled by the challenge to tame this windowed no-man's-land between ATX & SFF.

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  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Daaaaym, could we get a pic of the whole setup? I want to see 10 monitors in action!

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

I don't have that many monitors yet! Every so often I pick up a couple of refurbished ones, so I'll get there eventually... This system was built for someone who takes my multi-monitor lifestyle to the next level.

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Me too! I would like to see it when it's done!