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2nd Office Computer

by EricHoman


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Date Published

Jan. 18, 2016

Date Built

Jan. 5, 2016

CPU Clock Rate



Another office computer, nothing exciting here. Had an older computer that was getting obsolete. Used that computers case and CD drive but all new everything else. Very similar to my first build but with the non overclockable processer. This will be someone elses PC and they will never want to OC the CPU.

Didn't take many pictures, mostly posting this for my own records.

Part Reviews


More than enough for basic computing. This computer will never be overclocked but if you would like to try overclocking go for the G3258.


No issues, seems well built and the bios was easy to understand.


It's ram, it does the job, and it doesn't look cheap.


Haven't done any sort of testing in regards to performance but its a huge improvement over a standard HDD. One of PNY's higher level drives but at the time of purchase I found it for less than the lower end models.

Power Supply

I know the CX series power supplies have a bad reputation but for a basic PC they work great. Got it for 24.99 after the MIR.

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ABundleOfBunnies 1 Build 1 point 28 months ago

really good office computer. It puts dell and HP to shame :)

526christian 1 point 28 months ago

I was going to complain about the motherboard, but then I saw the processor and everything else.

Put money in many of the right places I think.

49ers 1 point 28 months ago

It seems fine for a budget office PC.