A few years old now, but still a very stable, powerful PC used for high-end gaming and creativity (3D animation, video and sound editing etc.)

Tests run at the time: 3D Mark's Firestorm benchmark score: 9630 PC Mark 8 Creative Accelerated: 5781

Notes on the order: 1. All of these parts were ordered together. The additional cable from BeQuiet (the multi power cable) was required due to the height of the case. Don't forget it! 2. The R9 290X I purchased was actually an OC version. I'll update the clock rates soon.

The case is a joy to work with and every component feels like quality. The BeQuiet fans perform and definitely look the part. The final result looks clean, efficient, high-class. In the past I've gone a bit mad with lighting, but this time I left the white lighting in place, added nothing extra, and focussed on acoustics and performance.

It is huge compared to what's inside it. I couldn't resist the idea of putting a mATX board inside a large spacious case with plenty of room and unimpeded airflow to work with! :D

Reading that this case benefits from extra cooling, I replaced the side window with a four-fan mesh, hence the number of BeQuiet! 120mm Silent Wings on this build. All case fans run off the fan controller built into the 600T case (hence the 4-fan splitter cable). This case comes with dust filters everywhere except on the side mesh so I also added a custom dust filter attached magnetically made by an African company. Get it here:

Performance and cooling was extraordinary for the time and still stacks up brilliantly even in August 2016. I cannot recommend the Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler enough. Dust is a non-issue thanks to the easily removable and cleanable dust filters all over the place; just needs an air spray every few months to keep it spotless.

The only problem I've had with this: The AMD Driver. The R9 290X runs hot and the default driver settings see the target temp of the GPU too high and the target fan speed too low. After every GPU driver update the settings are defaulted and the Radeon overheats too often. I've saved a preset which I have to manually reload every driver update (target temp 75 degrees, target fan RPM 100% as I'm paranoid about temperatures). However, as long as this is done, the system performs under heavy load without a problem. Once they get going on a demanding game title, the 290X's fans are VERY LOUD (IN CAPITAL LETTERS) which sadly lets the rest of the low-noise system down, so gaming with headphones is a pretty good idea.

If I were to rebuild this today, I'd consider replacing both HDDs with SSDs. This machine is designed for gaming and creativity so one SSD is for program/game locations, one is for media resources and one is for all my project files.

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There are aftermarket cooler options for that r9 290. There is the arctic accelero xtreme iii which I put on my gpu keeps the card pinned at 75 degrees unfer 100% load. There is also the nzxt g10 and the corsair hg10 that are brackets for cpu liquid coolers. Both will solve your r9 290 issue