I needed a new build to play DX12 titles, after a lot of research i find out that AMD cards has support for the latest dx12 updates, so, i said let's do this.


First, every build needs to start with this decision, AMD or Intel? to me this was easy, i needed components that last, and have at least 3 years warranty, so i opened my wallet and said: - AMD for sure -, but after trying to buy an AMD processor, i couldn't get the one i want, i found customer reviews, watched videos, everyone was saying Skylake has 4K video out of the box, so after i've googled a bit it was true, it has a top notch embed graphics.

I got a nice and easy to install i3 6100, it has it's own heatsink solution. recreative gaming gets at most 50ºC in my room (35ºC~38ºC, yeah i live in the trópico), so i can say it works like a charm.


Now i need a motherboard that allows me to install anything i want in the near future, i consider a lot of solutions, colors, brands, and even taste... well not like that... i find out the gigabyte has cheap and a enough flavors to try, so i start with some SLI, but again i hat to open my wallet to find out that a Gaming G1 it's way to expensive, so i took another look and found H110 versions, but i also wanted to change my CPU in the future to a K version, so i need a way to overclock and use the best features that this new Skylake CPU brings to the game. At the end i choose the GA-Z170X Gaming 3, this MoBo its just awesome, i love it, color, design, the f+n led light in the audio module. It's just beautiful. Now the great news: Today we can OVERCLOCK even the non K* series, this is just awesome i can stay a bit longer with my budget CPU and update way later without feeling choppy performance over the time.

As a side note, you can get the H170 Gaming 3 series, it's the same MoBo without the overclock capability, and you will save enough to get more ram, or keyboard, etc, also if you want to save even more, you can try B150, or Q150, or the bottom line H110 MoBos, this will let you save more money, if you don't need DIMM slots, or SLI, this is the way to go. (there is some nice mATX version of all this MoBos, even so there is some versions that allow you you reuse your old DDR3 ram modules).


I chose an R9 380, why?, well why not, this was, and will be my choice every time i build a budget, it has the performance, the price, and it feels right, also only needs 500W PSU, there is no questions about this, mine runs easily and feels powerful, i test it with different games and i have no issues at all, there is new Crimson drivers and they come with an overclock panel. You can use AfterBurn panel and controls to monitor, overclock, undervolt etc. It's one of the best AMD works so far. Has the 3 Ps: Potential, Price, Performance. All the brands build great solutions, i was lucky and got a cheap PowerColor PCS+ R9 380, silent and has colors that match my MoBo, the main feature of this card is the 4Gb VRAM, this will help in the future games and current games at 1440p. It is possible to save some money and get the 2Gb version, the performance will be the same and you can get a more fancy case.

The rest it's the standard for a gaming build today(8gb ram DDR4, PSU 500w 80+B, a nice case keyboard and mouse), the only thing i couldn't find here it's my case, i got an Eagle Warrior CGG410 in $30 that looks similar to an Aerocool Battlehawk black,the main difference it's the number of USB3.0 and the amount of HDD that can handle. So if you find a nice and cheap CASE + this build you are good to go, this will run most games on ultra 1080p, 1440p with any problems. A similar cheap case that I can find here that match my case, it's the same case with different appeal, it has the same exact interior so you can build and be sure that everything will fit inside.

The best thing about this build is that you can upgrade eventually, we can even stay with this build for year and will be rock solid for gaming, even do, i think you only need to change the CPU to be more thread friendly.

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  • 47 months ago
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Nice but, why does it matter if the CPU has "4K video embedded out of the box"? You're using s discrete GPU anyway.

  • 47 months ago
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Well at the time i got the CPU i didn't have the GPU, and i needed to test all the basic components (CPU,MOBO, etc.), so be able to play while my GPU arrives was a fantastic surprise, also be able to watch 4k videos was awesome. So that's why, today you can just get the bottom line mobo (h110) and this CPU, with a cheap ddr3l and you are ready to play DOTA, SC2, LoL, CS:GO, Steam (Warface, TERA, AoE), and a bunch of games that you never imagine be able to play.

I'm still excited to know that i can use this rig to play The Division in Ultra 1080p, over 30 fps, (with custom you can manage 40 or more).

So i think this does matter, the CPU is excellent, and you can even OC. I'm in love with it, the best budget CPU today, my humble opinion.

  • 47 months ago
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Yooooo, im getting the same build as you! And i used to love rust but the newer version, i cant run! Do you think this system can?

  • 47 months ago
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I don't see why not!!, but if that game at the end requires CPU physics or similar process you will see some drops and throttles

  • 46 months ago
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I believe you meant R9 380 in your Video section, first sentence. Also, very nice build!

  • 45 months ago
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Yes you are right, i got dumb fingers... thank you ;)