I bought this pc off ibuypower 5 years ago. It originally had a gtx 570 and liquid cooling. It gamed pretty hard and I loved it. Then. last christmas my brother bought me an MSI gtx 960, which was pretty good. I also bought the SSD on sale for black friday. Earlier this year I decided to build my girlfriend a pc which is an i5 4690k with a gtx 970. While I was gathering parts for her pc, one night I am playing a game on my pc and get sprayed with water, the worst feeling in the world. I knew it had to be my liquid cooler, which had burst and sprayed water all over my pc and fried my gtx 960. I swapped the cooler for a CM Hyper 212 Evo and bought a gtx 970. Luckily nothing else was destroyed, but then a few months later my power supply died. I don't know if the water affected the power supply or if it was just a no-name brand and old. So i replaced that with the evga power supply. I just added some fans to the case and thought I would tell the story of this pc which keeps on trucking. I have no overclock on the cpu and still run all modern titles at 60 fps on high or ultra.

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  • 42 months ago
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Nice cable management! You got my one :P