Hi guys this is my first build and well I wanted a good entry gaming pc and an all around pc as well for programming and such :D So first of all I want to thank all the community at pcpartpicker, LinusTechTips, Barnaclues and Tek Syndicate all awesome channels for pc/tech :D.

So this pc is very special and yes taking very well care of it, my dad bought me this as a graduation present (Bachelor in computer with science orientation) to replace my really out-dated Dell Laptop but d*nm I juiced the crap out of it haha anyway my budget was around 650 sticked with it as best as I could. After extensive research I set the floor with the parts you'll see below. <hr></hr>

CPU Intel Pentium G3258 So made some heavy research on some cpu it was intel or amd, kept going back and forth back and forth till I went for team intel. Team red was tempting since I was on a budget and all but just did really worked for what I wanted like the entry level amd cpu they say It'll sound like a jet plane inside there then there was the pentium little dual core with no hypert and only 3.2ghz buuuuut it was unlocked easily get it to 4.0 or 4.4 and I will get a better upgrade path in the future with 5th gen intel or even a haswell i5/i7 so overall good cpu for the money yes no heavy multi-task but I won't be doing much. Always think of what you'll do with a cpu and buy according to that that's my advice. :)

CPU Cooler What else is there to say top rated air cooler out there and fairly well priced, but my is it hard to install the thing don't do my mistake and not double check if it mount before putting on the tower with thermal past... I know a noob move but hey you learn from mistakes more than success :D keeps it nice and cool a little loud put I kinda like it like that since it makes me feel everything is working.

MOBO Ooh the motherboard so many choices some cheap some overpriced some just ugly, so a wise guy once said never go cheap on a mobo so I sticked to that and was going from z87 to z97 and so on till this little bad boy came up on sale and loved the red accents and the sexy look to it, so I made research and found it to be a very well made mobo and good reviews only downside was no sli but com'on it's an entry level and I really don't think I'll want dual 970 haha even thou they're awesome but just nah so went for the asrock still loving the red :3

RAM The ram it's well ram haha really just wanted something good looking, low profile and fairly fast and then this sexy beast came up on sale got it real fast and that's it. Runs very fast have to note I've been on 4gb laptop ram for almost all my life :(

HDD Hard drive it's mechanical and big and was cheap. Now here's the bad thing I did not know my dad had 2 old computer's lying around and one had a WD 320gb blue drive more than enough for me but I didn't know and could have gone with an ssd but hey it's still good now I have 1320gb of hdd space haha. Wanted a ssd thou >:(

GPU It's a 270x!! no for real it runs so well and I havn't even oc it yet. Ran bioshock Infinite no lag can't give fps # cause haven't had the time to play much but yea it's quiet and runs real cool.

Case It's an entry level "gaming" case what else really wanted a h440 but budget did not cut it. But let me tell I am not disapoint with this case it has great build quality and nice led fans I like it since it's red yes I do love red :3

psu Most people don't recomend this psu but I found it on sale and read reviews and saw it was actually pretty good for what I wanted it for I mean common it's a 500w bronze psu and cheap and nice build quality can't go wrong.

Well that's all, loving the pc master race everything is so smooth and nice wayyyyy better than a xbone and ps4 but not the wii u the wii u is special. anyway thanks to the aforementioned community's will be helping other just like they did to me.

O yea and from Guatemala haha :) thanks see you guys till I upgrade also talking about upgrade I really don't know where to start maybe some of you can help me on this. My thought were a keyboard and mouse as a starting point right I am litterly type from a rubber keyboard my gf bought me so I have an emergancy keyboard when it is most needed haha.

See you later or maybe on steam :)

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