I purchased all of these parts and everything is installed however I am still waiting to receive the processor and the memory (ordered June 3). I will be using this to learn programming. Will be starting off with Java and we will see where it goes from there. This is my first build (and I'm in my 40's (yikes!!)).

So far the only issue that I have had was with installation of the motherboard however I kind of knew this going into it. I read numerous comments on here and other places about the horrible IO shield and I agree that it is finicky to install the board underneath the grounding tabs. Best advice I can give is to make sure that you tilt the board far enough to get under all the tabs. I think it was the 3 pronged VGA tabs that were the worst. Outside of that everything else went fairly smooth (so far).

I will be initially installing Ubuntu or Debian as the OS but plan on getting Windows 10 down the line.

The hardest decision for me for some reason was the RAM (and yes I know, RAM is RAM). But with such a varying range of specs and prices it can get to be (and was) a headache choosing which would work best at a good price. Initially I was going to go with the Corsair Platinum but decided to save the cash for other items to be added on later (graphics card etc.). Once it's all put together I will come back and post some pics. It's not going to be anywhere near some of the crazy things I've seen here though (crazy in a good way)

Thanks for looking

Part Reviews


I got this for an excellent price through Jet. I had a 15% off coupon so it lined up perfectly for when I bought this. I only have a mild OC on this at 4.2Ghz but it's stable and is working great.

CPU Cooler

I was going to try liquid cooling for the 6600k but for me the benefits didn't seem to outweigh the potential catastrophe it could cause if it were to ever leak. Looked at the 212 Evo but ended up getting this one. I ran Prime for about 30 minutes and the highest temp the processor got to was 69 degrees using arctic silver and not yet broken in. All in all pretty pleased. Knocked off 1 star because it is kind of a pain to install.


Was really worried after buying this board and hearing how much of a pain it is to install in the IO shield. Being a first time builder I didn't want to have any issues. I found that yes it is a pain to install it but I am very pleased with it. Haven't had any issues and everything works as it should. Nice colors for my build as well.


The RAM was the hardest part of my build to choose (outside of the monitor which I got the ASUS VP239H-P) just because there are so many to choose from. I got these bad boys and they OC'd very easily and even surpassed the 3000Mhz they are rated for. Very pleased and it also looks nice.


I got this simply because it was a cheap 240GB SSD. I will add on an M.2 or PCIe HDD when the prices go down. For now this works just fine for what it is. Ubuntu starts up in about 7-8 seconds.


Overall I'm pleased with the case. Plenty of room for everything I have with the ability to add in much more ;)..... however the rubber grommets are horrible. One star off for that and all of the frustration they caused me :(

Power Supply

I got this for $66.99 after $20 MIR which I am still waiting to get. Turned it in in April and the first check I never received. They sent another check about two weeks ago and I am still waiting on that. The PSU runs great and is very quiet. Get it when it goes on sale though because they are pricey.

Optical Drive

Its a DVD burner. Cheap and works. Enough said.

Wireless Network Adapter

Worked right out of the box with Ubuntu. Windows needed drivers installed. I hid the antenna in the top of my case since the bottom is magnetic. Bluetooth I haven't used yet.

Case Fan

They are ok. Nothing special though and I think they are pricey for what they are.


This is probably the part that I bought that I am mostly regretting. In Ubuntu the backlight does not work unless you run a command in terminal. It works as it should in Windows but the blue backlight makes it hard to read the keys. The mouse is fine though. If I had to do it over again I would've bought something better.


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Why not an i7 if doing programming? Wouldn't the hyper threading be useful?

Also I would love to hear how the wireless network adapter installation went. I am considering whether or not to do that or buy a USB dongle...

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From what I understand at this point is that RAM and HDD speed are the biggest factors when programming. I am not going to be doing much graphically right now so I believe that's where the hyper threading comes into play with video editing and such.

As for the adapter, I installed it and Ubuntu immediately recognized it and so far has worked just fine. I have only used it for a few hours though. I routed the antenna cables through the grommet in the back of the case and the antenna is actually underneath the top case panel. It has a magnet on the bottom so it sticks to it pretty well and is hidden. I was worried that it might effect the signal but I haven't noticed anything. My router is in my basement and I was working on the floor above that. The adapter also has bluetooth with it but you have to plug it into the motherboard with the cable they give you. There's also a USB plug on it inside the case. I guess it's for a network key but I'm not sure.