Original purchases were to build a Media PC but I soon changed my mind and went for a gaming PC.

Then, to the dismay of my bank account I went all out and blew the budget out of all proportion.

Parts were purchased and added to in sections as each pay day went in.

This should account for the odd "mismatch" in parts.

Next on the list is upgrading the ram to better quality ram, overclocking the CPU, adding in another SATA storage hard drive, and the purchase of a dedicated sound card w/ decent external speakers. (Although I am very impressed with the audio chipset in the Asus z87 Expert Motherboard.

Feel free to post any comments, questions or suggestions. I will do my best to answer and in some cases I'm sure, explain my reasonings.


P.S This will be updated + Pics posted when the final gear arrives and I get it all running.

P.P.S: Bit of trivial info for anyone who read this far, due to the nature of purchasing parts at a time, for a time I was running a 5760x1080 resolution (the triple monitors listed) through a Gigabyte GTX 660 2gb and was very impressive gameplay. My game library took a hit but to name a few, Crysis 2 and Fallout 3 (heavily modded with 1080p texture packs) all on max graphics settings were sitting on a comfortable 60fps


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What monitor mount are you using? thinking about those monitors myself.

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Hi, nice build! I've a Ghost case too,i'd like to buy a corsair H100i but i don't know how it will fit...please make a photo so i can i see!