System has been a work in progress for roughly a year, and has seen various changes over that time. In it's current state, it's only been since Jan 12/20. Found the Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) locally, unused for $200 CAD. Decided to replace my Z370-A.

8086K + Z370-A were acquired in a trade for my 2700X (which I bought second hand, but unopened near launch... for around ~$300 CAD). My one legacy game (Football Manager 2011) would crash, despite the system appearing 100% stable with any stress test.

System has seen a step up from my old 980TI, to a 1070 Strix (used, made a bit of a profit on this deal) then briefly to a 1660TI (2 days), now to the 2070 Super. Acquired the 1660TI from a friend, when I put their system together for them. Sold the 1070 + 1660TI to fund the 2070Super purchase.

Image was before the replaced the motherboard.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Phenomenal cooler. I had the OG D15 and replaced with Chromax fans and covers. When the all black version launched, I had to pick one up even though it's hidden.

Video Card

Beast of a card. Great performance and temps are kept cool. Annoying coil whine when pushing out ridiculously high frames (like 300+ in a menu), but moot point with headphones on.


LOVE this case. Airflow is great (Noctua fans all-round help), reasonably quiet and accommodates the NH-D15 easier than I thought it would.


Does what I need it to, and was a really good price <$300 CAD around Christmas 2018. I've never experienced V-Sync or G-Sync, so it's probably a case of I don't know what I'm missing - but it's very smooth.


Kind of irrelevant with the release of Noctua's blackout offerings, but I've had these for 3-4 years now, and they do help add a little bit of colour to a build without needing to go the RGB route. Adds a couple of mm to overall height to the D15 though, so might be a dealbreaker for some.

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Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I even have the same CPU.

  • 1 month ago
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Very nice. The T H I C C cooler almost made me... well ya know.