A much needed upgrade from my first build. I recycled most of the parts, installed a CPU cooler, new graphics card, and installed a new a ssd. It also has 4tb of mechanical storage in raid 0. (2 2tb hdd I salvaged from my job at office depot.)

Unfortunately the GPU is faulty, and xfx won't honor their guarantee. So I will be looking into getting a 950 or 960 when they're released.

The case is 15x better than my last zalman case, and was amazing to build to.

I know the red sleeved 24 pin and sata cables don't match the color scheme of the build, but theyre red BC I want to build struggle box v3. (Coming soon)

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  • 63 months ago
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Are you sure it's not your ram that is faulty? it looks like that motherboard doesn't support 1600mhz RAM

  • 63 months ago
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Yes I am sure. Before I upgraded my computer I had a gt 640 in my system. The computer performed well and without fault. The new GPU makes electrical noise, and performance is also very inconsistent in the games that I play.

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