UPDATE: 1/14/2015 My computer has met my every need! It runs super fast and it is very quite! I can play Call of Duty Advance Warfare on High with minor adjustments on shadow quality and anti aliasing. I can also max out games like World of Warcraft, Dota 2, and others.

So, to make a long story short, I was originally a pc gamer back when the Wrath of Lich King came out, but financial issues wouldn't let me continue my subscription. So I converted to being a console gamer for the next several years. Then a classmate of mine introduced me to Dota 2. You can guess what happens next. We made a pact to build a gaming rig this Christmas. So I fell in love with computers all over again. Did a lot of reading and researching that led me here. Next year I will be a freshman majoring in Computer Information Systems. I had a budget of $700 to work with, so that was a great starting point for me. Thanks to Amazon and Newegg, I successfully purchased all of my required materials.

CPU- Yes I know there are facts on why you shouldn't get a dual core going into 2015, but the upgrade path is shows huge potential! Also, I am not a fan of "overclocking" due to the risk you will take frying your cpu.

Graphics Card- Super energy efficient and it is very small! Gives me some room for my case and it also plays new games on High to Ultra with some minor adjustments.

Motherboard- You cant beat this motherboard for the price! I don't know much about it, but I have heard that the H97M series are budget friendly. Also, I don't have to waste money on a wifi adapter. It comes with built in wifi chip.

Memory - Crucial is a widely used company. It is also 8gb, so that is the standard for video games.

Hard Drive - 1TB Is more than enough space! I really didn't see any use for paying for an SSD.

Case - I am going of to college so I wanted something portable. This fits all my needs! Plus it gives me a reason to spend the night at my grandmas on the weekend. (Also I did fix the cable management that was a temporary picture)

Power Supply - 430W Is more than enough to power this bad boy! It fits well into my budget.

Optical Drive - Its for my operating system and red box movies.

OS - I wanted to use Windows 8.1 because at the end, I am going to be using it for college and it is better for gaming, so I am going to get with the program.

Game pad- I bought my a Logitech game pad for NBA 2k and games like sonic. (Huge sonic fan!)

Monitor cable - No more VGA!!!!!!

Tools - I don't want to fry my motherboard! So I grabbed one of these Anti Static Wrist Bands.

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  • 64 months ago
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My Cooler Master Elite 130 should arrive tomorrow. First step in my new build. I'm going with an i3-4150 too. Nice little system, totally motivating me to save faster so I can build sooner. Enjoy it.

  • 63 months ago
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Thanks man I am really loving it! :)