Hello everyone. This is my first build and the purpose of it is to replace my old laptop that couldn't even play Skyrim on low without freezing anymore after updating for the specter and meltdown patch. Also, I got a package with my internet provider for 1GB speeds for really cheap and my laptop couldn't even get 40Mb. I also use this for streaming in my living room.

A little background on the parts, all of these except the HDD are from a friend who didn't need them and had them sitting around for a year or so. I only paid him $200 and I'm not disappointed.

CPU - I've OC to 3.9GHz but didn't feel comfortable keeping it at that so it stays at 3.3GHz

MoBo - It won't let me Flash update it but oh well it works.

RAM - They work and I have no issues with them

HDD - I'm getting an SSD soon and cloning over and using this as mass storage.

GPU - It plays older games at a stable high setting but anything new like PUBG is playing on medium. Still better then what I had.

Case - I'm happy with it. Plenty of room and I love the red LED in the front.

PSU - It provides power and I haven't heard the fan once.

Wanted to thank everyone on here for being supportive and answering a lot of questions.

I will be upgrading this soon, I'm upgrading to an I3-8100, ASUS Z370 A, a Cooler Master 212 EVO, and another 200mm fan fo the exhaust, 2 8GB GSkill Ripjaw Series V DDR4 3000s, an M2 M+B SSD, and hopefully a 1060 6GB by the end of this year. Probably about $600-$700 but it'll last me several years

Part Reviews


It's a bit old now but it still works and is very stable

Thermal Compound

It is super important to read the instructions because applications can differ for different CPUs. The problem is they don't include the directions in the package because of the amount of info and you have to go to their website. Well sucks for the person who now has their computer apart at the time of realizing this.


Works but won't let me flash update it


They look great and work great

Video Card

It won't work on new games but older games like Skrim it's a beast but newer games will run on medium


Plenty of room and very beautiful

Power Supply

It provided power and I don't hear the fan

Operating System

Still better then 8


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seems like a perfect budget build

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Thank you. It works great for what I need it for.

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maybe a gt 1030 instead of gtx 570, would only be $30-40 more but great build!

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I checked and compared the stats and ran benchmarks and the 570 is 41%-54% more effective then the 1030. The 570 is the predecessor to the 1060 6GB

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I haven't tried it yet