This PC build would be for my dad's personal usage and his work. Purchases of components are made in Indonesia, hence some parts are not listed in PCpartpicker and the prices are estimated based of 1USD=10k IDR. The total amount i spent is about RP. 4,650,000.

CPU : considering the price of building a pc is quite high in Indonesia, thus i decided to go with a lower end processor which is not expensive and widely available. The performance would suffice my dad's need.

Mobo : My dad requires serial and parallel port for his work and this particular motherboard is in stock at that time.

Case : We've encountered plenty of problems with low end cases, Source 210 has plenty of room for cable management and expansions,it has great design too. would have gone with CM ELite 431 if there's room for cable management.

Graphics card : My dad wants a triple monitor setup and he likes to play flight simulator apparently. Thus, to keep the cost low, i decided to get him an HD 7730 so he can make use of the eyefinity feature and play FS w/o lag.

PSU : heard that Super flower has a great reputation and did some homework to see if it's worth a try and yes, i have no regrets so far.

RAM : V-Gen has a great reputation locally and i've been using their products for other builds.

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  • 75 months ago
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scary looking psu...should defenatly look into replacing that as soon as you can... looks like a tier 5 power supply.. this link should help you find the right psu's for your price/performance ratio:

  • 75 months ago
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Thanks for pointing that out :) it's a tier 4 brand to be exact. But you'd be surprise to hear that Super Flower has a good reputation in Asia.