The computer itself without its peripherals cost's about $1,200 USD

This is an updated list of my razer build plus new-er pictures. What has changed: - Gigabyte 970A-DS3P Mobo swapped for an MSI Carbon Pro Gaming 970 - Added 16 GB of the Avexir Core Series RAM - Swapped the MSI R7 370 2GB OC with an MSI GTX 970 100M Special Edition 4GB - Added some more cable Covers

Also Overclocked the 8320 to 5.01 GHz

Why I chose what I chose:

My previous MoBo was a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P. It worked for the budget but has since been replaced with...

...MSI! Duh

I decided to go with the 970 Pro Gaming (carbon). It woks well for overclocking and just looks so nice. It has a good UFEI interface and the colors pretty much go with anything. The customization of the LED's that are built in the board just make it pop even more.

The processor, being an FX 8320 was a pretty big step up from an FX 8310 (My first AMD CPU). It was much more resilient to overclocking and performs really well dare I say. I think that the 4.8GHz is its sweet spot.

My previous videocard was a MSI R7 370 2GB OC. It performed really well but I just needed to let it go and upgrade, and leave the AMD GPU life behind for Nvidia.

The MSI GTX 970 100M Edition card I picked up really keeps blowing my expectations away. I got it of course because it came green (Bout one of the only cards that does...)

The Corsair 400C is elegant, sleek, simple, and sharp. Thats about it. It needs no more explaining.

The LEPA 120mm AIO is a really great product for its price (However the "Ultra quiet fan" it comes with is far from it. I just use one of my 120mm Thermaltake Riing and one of the corsair fans that came with the case for a push-pull. It keeps the OC temps down around 35C - 38C and 45C - 60C under load.

All in all, I love this build. It's not the best, but for what It is I am very pleased with it. I keep adding and building onto it one piece at a time.

Some of the custom work:

The custom sleeved cables for the 24 pin, 6 pin (still waiting on the 8 pin covers to arrive) as well as the SATA cables are UV sensitive and clearly pop.

Im also working on getting in all the pieces for building a custom loop, and a NZXT Razer Case is on the way with a Hue+ kit.

If you would like to see some benchmarks let me know. My previous setup got a 5,067 on Firestrike. This one scores a 9,230. So a pretty huge jump.


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I like the color scheme, nicely done! +1

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Finally a build with this motherboard. Looks great

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Scrolling pictures and noting changes....The blue L.E.D accents take something away from the over all look IMO. The MSI Carbon board is cleaner than the Gigabyte but the green accents on the Gigabyte also looked better. Again, all IMO. Great color and cable management.

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The blue helps the UV green pop a bit more than just white. My phones camera (even though its a LG G6) just has a hard time with the LED colors. As for the Gigabyte board I custom painted those pieces but the board itself was a brown color and in a well lit room looked kinda ugly

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Wow man! nice job, will deff take from this for my next build. T'is beautiful. Was strongly considering the case as a first time build but i think ill go with something a bit bigger so i dont get discouraged. Anyways, sharing your love for led's i thought i'd share this with you, a forum post talking about led water cooling coils, something i dont see much on here. Would look even sexier!

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why is this 2000 dollars? why is the motherboard $1200?

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