Built for gaming. Primarily focused on a great performance in Arma 3 and Space Engineers. Two older, but demanding games. Replacing an AMD Phenom II x6 1060t/ Geforce 660ti 10gb ram build.

Everything worked well on the install. It all went into a quite old (near ten-year-old?) full-size Antec case.

The bios on the MSI mobo is wonderful to use and a lot easier in set up than anything I have used before.

With the m.2 SSD, it took a matter of minutes to move my old drive over, much faster than any transfer I have done in the past.

Finally, it all starts up great (less than 2 mins to go from pressing the on button, to being on the A3 menu screen.)

The parts also look great. Really wish I had a glass-sided case now. I Do!

Price at Purchase (£):

AOC Screen - 179.99 RAM - 178.69 MX500 - 59.99 RTX 2060 - 349.99 Corsair PSU - 79.99 NZXT H500 - 69.98 B450 mbo - 114.99 Be Quiet! Fans : 18.00 x 2

Total - 1069.62

UPDATE (Since May 19 - Now Sept):

Yeah, all good with this setup, very happy. Might look to get some more fans, as the attic room its setup in causes it to be warmer when gaming than I'd like. No throttling though from that. Very happy. Recommend the case hugely, it looks great and is easy to work with.

UPDATE : 6 Sep 19 Yeah, I got two be quite! SilentWings 3 fans. They live up to their name, no noticeable difference in sound, and everything was running almost silent in the first place. Temperatures are down too.


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