My previous build are still supporting my needs perfectly, I have no issues with it. However, I really have the urge to downsize.

Although building from a mid-tower to mini-itx case is challenging, there are no significant problem with the build at all. SFX PSU provides an ample room for some cable management. Using NVME also helps with storage management, considering that the prices of SSD drops significantly from 6 years ago.

The build surprisingly runs quieter than my previous build, probably because there are less fans (120mm case + 92mm CPU) vs 4 fans + 1 case fan on my previous setup.

However, there is still the premium ITX build tax. We are paying more for the size.

For this year, I made a resolution to use Linux for gaming. This build is using Pop! OS.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Installing Cryorig is easier than the stock AMD cooler. They also provided mosfets for ITX boards with little clearance on the back, so it can still fit in cases with short PCB holders.


Coming from the Intel Gigabyte board, the AMD counterpart has worse BIOS interface IMO. The BIOS for Intel board seems more polished than AMD. Maybe because I think that blue color scheme for BIOS is better than red lol.

But the build quality of this board is solid. There is also a nice LED which gives this build some extra personality. It seems that the Aorus branding is more targeted towards gamers because it has better logo (subjectively) and eye-catching color scheme on the box and manual vs the plain old Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H.


This is the best NVME we can get at a low price at this period of time. No contest.

WD green is cheaper (by not much) but it also performs worse than this or Samsung 960 PRO.


It's cheap for an SSD. It's faster, cooler (literally and figuratively), and quieter than HDD. However, if I can turn back time, I would have spent extra dollar to purchase Crucial MX500 or Samsung 850 QVO as they have better dollar per performance/size.

Video Card

The fan is not spinning if the GPU is under 60 degree, which is nice because this build is even quieter. One fan will spin on Skyrim vanilla with ultra-high setting.


The smallest case I can find on the market that does not break my budget. The build is solid and the version with mesh panel can cool the components inside adequately. I think using AIO cooler can reduce the overall temperature dramatically.

Power Supply

It's supposed to have a quite operation (the fan shouldn't be spinning all the time), but it seems that it's spinning all time now because of higher temperature inside this box. But overall it's still quiet though.

SFX PSU is nice to have for SG13 because of the extra space for cable management. However, we need to buy a separate SFX-to-ATX bracket to mount the PSU on this case as SG13 only accepts ATX PSU.

If you want to save more money, FSP Dagger 600W should have the same efficiency, is cheaper and it has SFX-to-ATX bracket.


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