Never did I think I would own a gaming rig like this. 4k gaming maxed everything. I don't even know what to play now haha. I have the I7 4790k overclocked to 4.5ghz at 1.189V, gaming temps hover in the high 50s-low 60s. Ram clocked to 2133mhz, gtx1080ti running stock speeds with power bar set to 120%. My case gets really warm even with all the fan spots filled. I'm going to get the new Cooler Master HAF remake when it comes out.

Part Reviews


My first I7, loving it so much. I haven't needed to even overclock yet and I've overclocked the crap out of I5's to get the performance I want. Temps are great on a little Cooler Master 120V AIO

CPU Cooler

I swapped the fan with an extra black Enermax fan I had but I'm sure the stock fan does just as well. Loving this cooler


I bought this a couple years ago before I knew a lot about computers. I mainly got it because Gigabyte advertised it as "server tested" so I figured it was better than others. It's not a bad board, but it's nothing special either. Hopefully "server tested" means it will stay running for a long time


It's ram. It's blue. I've yet to see any difference in ram speeds/brands in my systems. Maybe it matters for rendering or workstation uses but I pretty much get ram based off it's color and capacity. I was running 4x4GB but I took two sticks out for another build for my sim setup


Looks awesome, seems to perform well. I manually clocked both ram kits to around 2000mhz since they are mismatched brands, but all is working great


Plenty fast for me, great price, looks cool


Decently fast for installing large games on that I don't want on my SSD

Video Card

What's to say, it's the king of gaming cards right now


Highly recommend this case. I really like the amount of space behind the motherboard tray for cable management. The window is clear plastic instead of glass but it seems to be good quality. The PSU cover is stylish and I like the two 2.5" drive mounts that go on top for display.

Power Supply

Works well, I think mine came with incorrect cables. My box came with two CPU 8 Pin cables(The hard-lined CPU power + modular cable) and only one 8 pin GPU cable. Neither EVGA or Newegg would send me another GPU cable but luckily I had bought my wife a PSU at the same time so I took a cable from hers. The hard-lined CPU power cord is a little short in my opinion if you want to hide it well. Also strange that all the cables are black except the motherboard 24pin is multicolored. I wrapped it in some electrical tape to make it look nicer. Its a good PSU, but for the price I got it at, there are better options out there.

Operating System

I don't mind windows 10, I don't care if the government or whoever wants to spy on me. Hopefully the FBI agent assigned to me likes to watch anime, random youtube videos, and play video games all day. If you upgraded to 10 from 7, DO A CLEAN INSTALL! I had tons of issues after the upgrade, then I tried a full wipe and reinstalled 10 and everything was solved.

Case Fan

The white LED's on these are rather dim. I guess whether that's good or bad is up to what you're looking for. I wanted brighter ones. They operate quietly though.


Awesome Monitor. Extremely bright. Kills my GTX970 lol


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Nice build! Was fun to read and I have a similar build- i7 4770k and rx 480.

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Hey does this case have a 5.25 in external bay? Pcpartpicker says it doesn't, but I'm pretty sure it does. Also nice build!

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Yeah there is a single 5.25" Bay on the top of the front mesh. Thanks!

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Nice.. i’m still on optical drive i always use it!! I’m gonna get this case since i only need one.. ..

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