This is a build that I've done for a friend of mine who wanted a budget computer, but was capable of playing the latest games on decent graphics. I think this turned out well. This system cost, with shipping, tax and rebate, roughly $695. The budget was below $700, so some sacrifices needed to be made.

Note: Anyone who gets a Zalman Z9 case, don't be stupid like me and skip parts of the manual! I was trying to figure out why the power button wasn't working at first. Finally, after about ten minutes, my derpy mind thought to peek in the manual and what do you know, remove front bezel and connect the power and reset connectors. Then the PC powered up just fine. The temperature doesn't come from gaming, but I've done a burn-in test to see how high the temps went with the GPU fans on auto.

BTW, this isn't the actual mobo model that's listed in the list, this is it.

I'd like to have some feedback on this, so any criticism is appreciated.

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Nice :)

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