First PC I ever built by myself. It has been a learning experience and I'm sure I made some bad decisions along the way. Slowly upgrading parts as I get the money.



I used to use the official Sony headset for the PS3 because that was the headset I had for console gaming. I recently switched to my current setup of using my Sony MDR headphones that I used to DJ in college. I also found an old mic stand and a Guitar Hero mic to use on TeamSpeak.



Originally had a GTX 560 Ti (1GB) until upgrading to the current 770 I have. My 560 is now used for dedicated PhysX.



Originally when I build my PC I ordered a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse combo set. The response delay ended up being a problem for gaming though so I had to replace them. I found an old mouse from an ancient Dell my parents had and bought the Logitech keyboard. I have now upgraded my mouse to a proper gaming mouse, the Mionix Naos 8200.


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