So that´s the Upgraded Version of my previous build.

I recycled the Mainboard and the Processor, as well as all Harddrives, DDR Memory, Displays and Stuff.

Ill added a new Case, lots of new cooling and the new Graphicscards, as well as many of the Peripherals.

I got in total 3 Noiseblocker PK 3 working on the X60 Kraken AIO watercooling, as well as one Corsair AF140.

In addition to that there are 4 Corsair AF140 Blue Led Fans working in the case, as well as 2 Corsair SP140 Blue LED fans in the front to get a higher pressured Flow through the hdd cages.

New to the build is a EVGA GTX 1070FTW Hybrid, that has its 120mm rad in the back, that is cooled by 2 additional Corsair SP 120 Blue LED.

The prices are not really what i paid for but i was too lazy to enter them all correct and by hand, so please be kind and dont bother me for that. If there are any further questions feel free to ask me. It´s i think my 8th build or so scince i started back in 98 with my first "custom" PC.


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More pictures

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Pictures are online. hope you enjoy it

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I will, as soon as i have some time. gimme a week. Work sucks from time to time :-/