I upgraded my main machine to Skylake because one of the older computers in my apartment died. I also upgraded because this is the last CPU generation that will work with windows 7 and I need that OS for my old Printer. I used all the parts from my previous TDC except the motherboard (P8Z77-VPRO), CPU (3770K), Ram(4x4GB Ripjaws X 1600). The only problem facing me right now is some weird flickering when I switch the refresh rate of the monitor from 90 to 60 or when I play around with FreeSync Settings. I suspect that this is a driver issue because it never happened when I was running my GPUs in my old System. I also need to run Memtest to ensure the stability of the memory. The new system is a bit faster of course

UPDATE: On the first day of 2018, my R9 290X Battlefield 4 Edition Stopped working and is no longer detected in the device manager. I will try to repair it but I don't believe it will work again. I intend to replace it with a 1080 Ti and remove the other 290X and place it in my older Ivy-Bridge System.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Bought this cooler at the end of 2010 and it's still running flawlessly almost 6 years later. This speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of this cooler. It's rather noisy when the fans are running at higher RPM but it is so effective that the fans don't need to run that fast in order to have great thermal performance. I used this for my AMD build and transferred it to my TDC and it's now in TDC V2. It worked exceptionally well in the three builds. I will only consider using a different cooler because of compatibility

Size is the only other con that I can think of. Make sure it will fit in your case before buying.


This case is solid as a rock. I once slammed it face first into a wall and fell over it. I didn't have a single dent. That said, the absence of rubber feet make it very noisy when moved, it also transfers vibrations. This case has lasted for 4 years without any major issues

Power Supply

Great PSU. I bought it to last me several builds and it did just that. First with my 3770K and HD6950. Then with a 290X and now with two 290X GPUs. No stability issues whatsoever. My only problem is with the cables which are very stiff and very difficult to train and manage. I considered buying custom cables or making my own but the cost is too high.

Sound Card

The sound of this card is PHENOMENAL. My only gripe is the pesky floppy power connector. When I switched to the Sennheiser HD598s, the sound quality improved even further. I absolutely can't go back to "normal" on-board audio.


This is a great monitor. The viewing angles are very wide, the finish is very good and the colors are so vibrant and natural compared to my 23" TN panel. The menu navigation is intuitive and easy to memorize but I wish it had the option to cycle throught the custom settings with a single button press like my previous monitor. The Freesync Range is also high at a minimum of 35FPS. The unbelievable thing is that this monitor doesn't automatically detect input signals which is weird for a monitor in this price range. ASUS quality control is as shoddy as ever and I actually received non-functioning monitor first but then I returned it and got another one that appears to be working just fine so far. It has one dead pixel but I'm not prepared to play the monitor roulette again


This is my first mechanical keyboard and its great .The keys are responsive, the build quality is definitely above average though not as high as some of the keyboards in its price range. NO RGB but that doesn't really bother me. The lighting is also non uniform for some of the larger keys but at least the white LEDs are actually white and not the pinkish, greenish or yellowish white that you get with most RGB keyboards. Only the 6 G-keys can be reassigned which isn't on par with some other keybaords that allow remapping of all keys but I'm still trying to think of macros to assign for the G-keys. It feels like it's going to last a very long time


I bought this mouse because I wanted to try an Optical sensor and see if there will be any difference for me. The difference turned out to be minimal but they must've fixed the scroll wheel jitter which was the only annoying thing about this mouse


Light, comfortable, great looking, and great sounding headphones


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great build!

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I feel the warmth just looking at this heater, +1.

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In fact the ASUS card Runs hotter than the lower card. I would've reversed the order of the cards but I couldn't because the Accelero Xtreme III is too big.

It could also keep me warm at winter :)

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It isn't as loud as you think. Also know that I have a table that has a section at the bottom for the PC so, my ears are about 1.5 meters away from it.