My last PC build was in 2012 with a third generation Core i7 Sandy Bridge. While that machine is still going strong, I decided to use my moving countries as a great milestone to build a more modern, and more portable machine for my gaming/content creation needs.

I was lucky enough to get a Zaber Sentry in the second production batch in February this year. This case is absolutely amazing. It's only about half the size of an Xbox One case, and doesn't compromise on almost anything. Zaber recently announced their plans for a Zaber Sentry v2. If that means another production run is happening soon, you DEFINTIELY need to get one. :D

Part Reviews


Hexa-core goodness. This chip is the best gaming chip money can buy at the moment. :D

CPU Cooler

The cooling choices for the Zaber Sentry are pretty limited. The main choices are the Noctua L9i and the Cryorig C7. Sadly all the reviews I read said the C7 was terrible because it makes contact with the casing, which causes rather noisy vibrations.

I read enough forum posts saying that delidding an 8700K is enough to cool it to the point where the Noctua L9i can reasonably cool it under most decent loads that I thought I'd give it a shot. I bought the CPU pre-delidded and an Noctua L9i, and using the thermal paste that came with the fan, it seems to be running fantastically. It idles at around 35C, and only by running Prime95 for a solid 30 minutes did I actually manage to get it to throttle at 99C. I could play with the undervolting settings further, but until I see throttling occurring in non-synthetic use cases, I'm happy to leave it at stock.


I bought this purely because it's the only mini ITX board with Thunderbolt 3. Still, it does everything else that I want, so I'm very happy with it.


I've always gone with Corsair for my RAM and they've never let me down. These RAM sticks are no exception.


Added purely to store all of my Steam games. It does a great job. :)


Buying a 2TB m.2 SSD is probably the most overpriced, silliest thing I've ever bought for a PC build. But I figured I'd make this initial investment now, since upgrading that stick (Which is located on the bottom side of the motherboard) will be a ridiculous pain in the butt once I've started using it properly. Still, m.2 storage is fantastic. Windows boots in mere seconds with it. :D

Video Card

The Zaber Sentry only allows for video cards conforming to the standard form factor thickness and height. As much as I'd love to stick a FTW3 into it, the SC2 is the highest video card EVGA offers that will actually fit in it.

Power Supply

With the Zaber Sentry, getting a smaller PSU means you can fit additional hard drives into it. I was scared a Corsair 600W wouldn't be powerful enough, but it proved me wrong. :)


Once you go 144hz, you never go back. :D


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Almost pulled the trigger on that case, And I still may do. Looks really clean. BTW I think your cpu is running a bit on the toasty side at 95c, try undervolting the chip, if you can knock of even 100mhz it should save you a few degrees. +1

  • 4 months ago
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Sorry for the delay! Thanks a lot! Yeah, I totally recommend the Zaber Sentry. A year later and I still love that form factor. I hope you picked up a Sentry 2.0 when they went live.

Ahh, thanks for the advice! I only hit 95c in synthetic benchmarks and have yet to see any throttling in real-world usage, but I'll definitely go back and see if that's still the case.

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Top notch build. Yours was the only Zaber Sentry build I could find on this website

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Sorry for the reply! Thanks a lot! It's been going really well, but I'm currently wondering if a 2080 Ti would be a worthwhile upgrade.

Oh yay. Yeah, I totally recommend the Zaber Sentry. A year later and it's been absolutely fantastic. :)