This is my first build, and it was very fun but challenging. Looking towards this summer, when I'll be building my next pc.

The number one bad thing with this pc is the graphics card. The one fan EVGA GTX 1060 3gb is a horrible choice if you like cool thermals. Everything else is amazing. It runs games, but it just gets very hot and loud.

Part Reviews


Great bang for your buck, Even though it's a core i3 it's perfectly able to run a few tabs, applications and game without any noticeable lag.

CPU Cooler

For the price it's decent. It gets loud under idle, but other than that it's great


8gb is fine for what it's doing, but eventually i'm gonna want another stick


great drive for the price and very fast for a HDD

Video Card

Don't get me wrong it's 3gb of VRAM is fine for any game you want to play, but the thermals and noise this produces is very annoying. I just bought far cry 5 and it runs at 80c, medium settings 1080p. But it's so loud.

Power Supply

It's great for the price that's pretty much it

Case Fan

Great for what they do, and for the price yes they're obviously going to be kind of loud.


Great case overall. I wish there were more places to hide cables.


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