Well, less than a year after completing my last build and I'm back again.

Recently, I moved continents and so had to dissemble my PC to move it. I brought everything with me with the exception the case, which, as luck would have it, was banged up pretty bad in transit to the point of unusability.

Well, I took this as a great opportunity to do some upgrades as well, so I used some parts I already had, and added a new motherboard, case, CPU, and an SSD. And bam! I'm back in business. Note, I really didn't need to upgrade, per se, as the Dev3 was more than sufficient at everything I threw at it, including ultra gaming @1080p. But I could see that my GPU was definitely being held back, and I could be doing a lot better if I ditched the FX and added an SSD.

Justifications for the old parts can be found here, and below are the justification for the new parts.

CPU: I needed something that could run any game I threw at it at max/ultra settings without sweating, in addition to being able to edit and render HD videos quickly and efficiently. The obvious choice would be an i7, as it delivers better frames in most games than an i5 while also being hyperthreaded to power through multithreaded tasks with ease. However I didn't want to spend i7 money, as I've already invested a lot into this PC. Lo and behold: the Xeon E3 1231v3, delivering i7 performance at an i5 price. It's basically an i7 3770, so I hear, with no igpu and a lower clockspeed. However, the numbers I seeing in gaming benchmarks stomp over the i5-4460 and the i5-4690K at stock (with an OC'd 4690K taking the lead in some tests, which is expected). And in video rendering, this thing can't be touched. Overall, I'm insanely glad I upgraded. I'm going to start recommending the Xeon to more people, as it really is a dark horse CPU.

Mobo: I was looking at H97 motherboard exclusively, as ATX B85s were rare and lacking, while H81 didn't have the features I wanted (and Z97 would be a waste as the Xeon is locked). This one pretty much was highly rated and had everything I wanted. Pretty awesome BIOS as well. My only wish is that it traded one (or two, or three) of it's PCI-E x1 slots for another PCI-E x16, as I was hoping to mess around with a dedicated PhysX card.

SSD: This was actually a gift thanks to a RedditGifts Secret Santa. If I had to pick an SSD, I would have gone with the Crucial MX100, but this one has pretty decent reviews and I haven't had any problems with it.

As far as the difference an SSD's literally indescribable. Combined with the ultra fast boot my mobo has, I can boot into my desktop in 7 seconds flat. It's incredible. Everything loads so much faster, and I find myself doing a lot more in the same amount of time because I'm not wasting time staring at a Photoshop or Sony Vegas spash screen. I don't regret not getting one initially (as it would have affected my GPU choice negatively) but I definitely can't live without one now.

And that's pretty much it. The Dev3.1 is everything the Dev3 was supposed to be, and now it can really accomplish it's goals of kicking *** in both gaming and video editing.

Part Reviews


Powers through both gaming and video editing with absolutely breeze. i7 performance at an i5 price. Should be the de facto gaming CPU.


Awesome bios, looks pretty slick, and has everything you'd need in a mobo, minus dual PCI-E x16 slots.


I mean, it works and looks cool. That's all anyone can ask from a pair of RAM sticks.


Not the most spacious SSD, but more than worth the money.


The Unofficial Official HDD of PC Gaming.

Video Card

Not the coolest, or the quietest, or the cheapest R9 290, but it does it's job and does it pretty well. Plus, mine was able to be unlocked to an R9 290X.

Maxes out every game I've thrown at it, so no complaints.


No speaker, but other than that it looks aggressive, has great cable management, and lots of fan mounts. A remarkable case from Corsair.

Power Supply

Strong 12V rail, lots of PCIE connectors, and Gold-rated 750w efficiency. An all-around amazing PSU.


  • 45 months ago
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SSD really does throw you with Photoshop doesn't it? :D I remember the first week or so after I'd put a SSD in my old system... I'd sit there waiting for Photoshop to load for half a minute before I actually remembered it now starts in 5 seconds. :P

  • 45 months ago
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Exactly! So much faster.

  • 45 months ago
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Nice price on the PSU! It is rare to get a Super Flower for that cheap.

  • 45 months ago
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I agree! I was surprised about it as well!

  • 42 months ago
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What are your temps with the stock cool. on the Xeon?

  • 41 months ago
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This build is pretty similar to mine, and this looks very nice. If anything, the bottleneck could be the 290. I've done requirement checks on a Xeon + 390 build and it comes out with Ultra 60 FPS Max on all but 2% of the games out recently, but those will just run at 55 FPS. The Xeon is the real sweet spot for those with just a little bit more cash.

  • 38 months ago
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im looking to make this build but with a 970 and a 600w CX

How does it perform for gaming since im gonna do 75% game and streaming and 25% photoshop

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