So here it is. My haswell CPU build with the new 1080 Ti, installed in the 460X RGB case. It runs all my games in 1440p ULTRA with 120+ FPS and most games in 2160p ULTRA with 60 fps.

I'm really happy with it, but the 1080 ti fans spins during idle then stops and repeats, and the power supply can be a little noisy, but it doesn't bother me too much.

The Sleeved cables from Shakmods (recommend checking them out!) looks super sexy and gives my rig a clean look. Couldn't be more happy!

Thanks for reading!

Part Reviews


I'm very happy with this CPU. Overclocks good and really quick, but sometimes it can be a little hot.

CPU Cooler

The pump on quiet mode is very silent, but I'll remove 1 star for the noisy fans I had to change.

Thermal Compound

Very good thermal paste. Much better than my old one.


I love this motherboard. Sucks that it doesn't support SLI, but I got what I paid for.


I was looking for a high speed DDR3 ram set, this does it's job!!


This SSD is very fast and silent! Nothing to more to say :)


Great for storage, but it's very noisy. It out sounds all of my components, so the next upgrade will probably be a 1TB SSD to get my PC near silent.

Video Card

Powerful graphics card <3 Was worth the upgrade from 1080. Good cooling too.


I love the looks of this case, but the cable management is very hard. The space at the back of the case is minimal and closing the back panel is not an easy task.

Power Supply

Upgraded to this from my old CX600M, which was too cheap for my rig.

Operating System

It's Windows.

Case Fan

I like the lights, but it would be better if it was RGB-wave, and the fans coud be more silent, but that's not a problem since I can controll all my fans using SpeedFan.


60hz to 165hz is a revolution. Expensive, but worth it for the 165hz and G-Sync!


I love this mechanical keyboard, easy to remove all keys for cleaning and great software for lightning and macro controll.


Not the best headphones, but will do for now.


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Beautiful showcasing, well done! +1

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Thank you!! :D